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Queenslanders are bracing for a major rain event this week, with warnings of renewed flooding.

The far north and the west are expected to be the worst-hit areas.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) said these areas of Queensland could see up to 10 times their average falls for May, with totals of 200mm or more expected.

Queenslanders have been told to expect heavy rains this week as the May deluge continues.
Queenslanders have been told to expect heavy rains this week as the May deluge continues. (Nine)

Meterologist Miriam Bradbury told Today that Queenslanders could expect to see the rain increasing from tomorrow but the main period of concern would be between Tuesday and Thursday this week. 

“That’s when we’re looking at heaviest falls, with the areas of greatest concern those western and southwestern inland parts of Queensland, also reaching back across to Capricornia Coast as well.” 

Some areas could see rainfall totals between 50mm and 150mm each day with possibly higher falls should thunderstorms develop, Bradbury said.

“You’re talking about potentially 300mm of rain, she said.

Man rescued from floodwaters in Conondale.
A man was rescued from floodwaters in Conondale on Friday evening. (Supplied)

A number of catchments across south-west Central Queensland were looking at river flooding with roads cut off and some communities still isolated. 

“This rainfall that we’re expecting this week does pose a concern for those communities as well as catchments across the east coast which could see renewed river rises as well,” Bradbury said. 

“Essentially we’re looking at a renewed risk of riverine flooding across large parts of Queensland with the rain to come.”

On Friday evening, a man was rescued after his car became trapped in floodwaters in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

Winter is well and truly on its way: the first alpine snow flakes of 2022 have fallen on Hotham, in the Victorian high country.  The fresh snow started to fall early this morning with temperatures dipping below zero.

Aussie ski resorts welcome first snowfall of the year

Emergency services said the driver became trapped at a causeway in Conondale around 7pm after the bridge was submerged by water.

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