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The prime minister answered questions posted to him by children on Squiz Kids, which is listened to by 140,000 parents and kids.

Spared questions about the deficit and foreign affairs, Mr Morrison was instead asked if he got in trouble at school.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison campaigning in Perth.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison campaigning in Perth. (Getty)

“I did my fair share of detention,” he said.

“Many years ago, they used to give you the cane, and I got that once or twice as well.”

He was also asked if everyone in his family was happy when he became prime minister.

“I think everyone was a bit surprised,” he said, with a laugh.

“It happened all very suddenly.”

Scott Morrison said many people who officially died of COVID-19 probably died of something else - something doctors dispute.
Scott Morrison campaigned in Perth earlier today. (Getty)

Podcast host Bryce Corbett said the questions reflect the interest kids are taking in the election.

“Our politicians are getting grilled every day on the campaign trail by professional journalists – but nothing gets an honest answer out of a politician like a question asked by a kid,” Corbett said.

“The Squiz Kids audience tell it like it is, they’re clearly not afraid to ask the tough questions.”

The election is just four days away.

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