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A beachgoer in Western Australia has captured a curious shark’s venture among swimmers.

The shark, believed to be a bronze whaler, came in close to shore at Hamelin Beach in the Margaret River region, south of Perth.

Shona Frame said she had gone down to the beach to look at the stingrays that flocked there, when the unexpected visitor popped up near a snorkeller.

A snorkeller had a close encounter with a shark on a Western Australian beach. (Shona Frame)

“We’re all screaming at (the snorkeller) to get out of the water,” she said.

However, she said, the swimmer seemed quite unperturbed – even as his wife is calling for him to “get out”.

The videoframe shot showed the shark swimming by as the snorkeller idled in the water.

The swimmer was unperturbed by the encounter. (Shona Frame)

“Apparently it was a bronze whaler,” Frame said.

“I’m from Scotland, so it’s the first time I’ve seen a shark.”

Other swimmers also appeared sanguine about the possibility of a close encounter, despite being warned by beach-goers.

Bronze whalers aren’t considered to be particularly aggressive or dangerous.

Shark leaps onto front of boat during fishing trip

And Frame said the encounter had “definitely” not put her off enjoying the beach.

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