Gabby Kanizay, 19, has become the youngest Australian woman to climb the summit of Mount Everest.
Venturing from Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, the Brighton teen has conquered the highest mountain in the world.

Kanizay said it was the most amazing feeling.

Gabby Kanizay, 19, has become the youngest Australian woman to climb the summit of Mount Everest. (Nine)

“Just to know that you’re literally on top of the world and there is nobody higher than you at this point,” she said.

The 19-year-old tacked the peak with her mum Jane by her side.

Along with their Sherpas, they were able to spend an hour at the summit and watch the sun rise from the top, something Kanizay said she would never forget.

“We definitely helped each other stay strong and helped each other get to the summit,” she said.

The 19-year-old tackling the peak with her mum Jane by her side. (Nine)

“Now it’s this experience, we will be able to share together for the rest of our lives which is awesome.”

Kanizay said she set herself the goal to climb to the top of Everest when she was just 14.

Back home in Brighton, her father, Jarrod, said he was incredibly proud and overjoyed.

He said he never doubted his daughter’s determination.

“She’s very courageous and she’s very sporty,” he said.

“She has an energy about her that does allow her to stick to her guns and follow through.”

Back home in Brighton, her father, Jarrod said he was incredibly proud and overjoyed. (Nine)

Jarrod said the pair have been training for the climb for years.

“It’s very special because Gabby and Jane have done it together over four years now,” he said.

“To have had these incremental efforts over the four years come to fruition now is just mind blowing.

“Gabby brings a spirit of happiness and complete joy to any room that she enters so for her to achieve this, it is amazing.”

While Gabby has now conquered Mount Everest along with her mum, the teen says she won’t stop now.

She has her sights now set on completing all 14 peaks across the world.


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