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A teal wave has swept across the country, leading independents to win at least eight seats and causing some major upsets at the federal election.

From Dave Sharma to Ken Wyatt there have been some significant losses over the course of the night.

Thousands of votes are still being counted, but 9News can project that for some MPs a path to victory is unlikely.

One of the biggest upsets is in the seat of Fowler, where Labor’s Kristina Keneally is set to lose to independent Dai Le.

Another loss was in the seat of Wentworth where Liberal MP Dave Sharma lost to independent Allegra Spender.

Sharma has not yet conceded, saying “it’s undoubtedly true we’ve had a big swing against us tonight”.

“We are facing a challenging scenario. But let’s wait until all the votes are counted.”

Labor candidate for Sydney's seat of Fowler is in a tight race with Independent Dai Le.
Labor candidate for Sydney’s seat of Fowler is in a tight race with Independent Dai Le. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

In the seat of Reid, Liberal MP Fiona Martin has conceded that she will not retain the seat, with Labor candidate Sally Sitou victorious.

“Tonight has not been our night,” Martin said.

Trent Zimmerman hasn’t been successful in retaining the seat of North Sydney, with independent Kylea Jane Tink claiming the win.

Labor candidate Riley Campbell has lost the seat of Hughes to Liberal MP Jenny Ware.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is likely to lose his seat of Kooyong to independent Monique Ryan.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is likely to lose his Victorian seat of Kooyong to Independent Monique Ryan.
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg is likely to lose his Victorian seat of Kooyong to Independent Monique Ryan. (Ying Xiang Tan)
Frydenberg hugs supporters. (Supplied)

The race has been very tight between the two candidates, with Frydenberg saying “while it is mathematically possible that we win in Kooyong, it is definitely difficult”.

Independent candidate for Goldstein Zoe Daniel is set to be the new member, defeating Liberal MP Tim Wilson.

“This is a reflection of what the community wanted,” Daniel told 9News.

Liberal Gladys Liu has lost Chisholm to Labor’s Carina Garland.

The race for the seat of Dickson has come down to the wire between Defence Minister Peter Dutton and Labor candidate Ali France, with Dutton just slightly ahead with 51 per cent of the votes counted.

The Greens have landed a major victory in the seat of Griffith, with Max Chandler-Mather defeating Liberal candidate Olivia Roberts.

Liberal and Labor HQs tell two different stories

Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt has lost his seat of Hasluck to Labor’s Tania Lawrence.

Labor has won the seat of Boothby with Louise Miller-Frost defeating Liberal MP Rachel Swift.

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