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TikTok, Instagram and even memes could soon form part of Victoria’s curriculum, as the state’s schools move away from traditional NAPLAN-style writing tests.

Researchers from Deakin University believe the use of modern media in the classroom will help engage students.

The university has therefore received $500,000 in funding to help digitise secondary English and bring modern media, like podcasting, social apps, and memes, into the curriculum.

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Social media could become part of the Victorian school curriculum. (Getty)

The theory behind it is the technology will make Shakespeare and Dickens a little more interesting for students.

Deakin University’s Dr Lucinda McKnight has explained how introducing TikTok into the curriculum might work.

“You might be doing some really in-depth work on Romeo and Juliet and you might design a TikTok lesson for your peers in your year level that demonstrates your understanding of character,” she said.

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McKnight said she thought Shakespeare would have loved the idea

“Because he was all about the audience, he was all about entertaining the audience. He would have been right out there doing TikToks with the best of them,” she said.

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