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A victim in a raft of rock throwing incidents on a Victorian freeway has called for perpetrators to “wake up to themselves” before someone is killed.

The series of incidents have left vehicles damaged, one driver injured and other drivers shaken.

At least four vehicles have been hit by rocks thrown from the Creamery Road overpass over the Geelong Ring Road in Corio since June 22, while a number of incidents also occurred in March.

The overpass where rocks have been thrown. (Nine)

Gerard Dudley, 70, and his wife were driving home in separate vehicles on the Ring Road last night when both their vehicles were hit with rocks about 10.20pm.

He said the pair were still shaken today.

Dudley said it was “just like a explosion” when a large rock hit the windscreen of ute, shattering the glass.

He said the rock would have hit him in chest if had fallen a foot higher on the car, which now needs a new bonnet.

A rock also hit the roof of his wife’s car.

Dudley said he wanted whoever was responsible to “bloody wake up to themselves before someone does get killed”.

Last week, a 52-year-old man suffered minor injuries when two rocks hit his car windscreen as he travelled under the bridge about 2am on June 23.

Lumps of cement have been thrown at cars. (Nine)

In his effort to swerve, his car swiped the road barrier.

The day before, just after 6am on June 22, a 42-year-old man had the windscreen of his vehicle hit by a rock at the underpass.

Sergeant Ivana Sarcevic said it was lucky that no one had been seriously injured or killed.

“It’s really, really reckless behavior and it’s not on and it needs to stop,” she said.

Sarcevic said three youths were seen in the area at the time on Tuesday night, but no suspects had been identified.

In some incidents lumps of concrete were thrown, in others, rocks.

Any witnesses who were around the Ring Road area at the time of the incidents are being urged to contact police.

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