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New footage shows some of the verbal and physical abuse experienced by Queensland’s frontline workers as authorities work to fix ongoing issues within the health and transport system.

The videos show people biting and kicking healthcare staff and attacking workers trying to deliver morning tea to patients.

Thousands of reports detail other incidents of abuse.

Queensland Health is considering measures to prevent abuse of frontline workers. (Supplied)

Figures show the number of attacks spiked at the height of the pandemic, with incidents still a daily occurrence for workers across the state’s hospitals.

“No health worker should have to come to work, fearing for their safety, they just shouldn’t have to,” Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said.

“Mental health and addiction certainly play a role when it comes to the assaults and the violence we’re seeing in our hospitals.”

Reports shared with 9News in a right to information request detailed other incidents where health staff were targeted.

In one instance, a staff member at the Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane was injured in the chest while helping someone to the toilet.

Transport workers are often targeted by members of the public. (Nine)

Another nurse at the Royal Brisbane Hospital was kicked in the back while escorting a patient.

The Queensland government says new specialist emergency departments will be rolled out for those suffering mental health issues in a bid to provide more specialised care and protect staff from harm.

Transport Minister Mark Bailey said transport workers like bus drivers were also the targets of problematic customers.

Transport and Main Roads has spent $1.3 million in new body-worn cameras for workers.

“It is a minority of people, most people are really good but there are some really prickly people out there,” Bailey said.

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