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Perth has turned red as in a bloodbath for the Liberal party, delivering four blue-ribbon seats to Labor with a fifth at risk.

Incoming Prime Minister Anthony Albanese thanked Western Australia for paving the way to his victory – leaving the Liberals facing a tough rebuild after another western wipeout.

The red wave swept through Perth, collecting nine of the state’s 15 seats and obliterating the Liberal party.

 Ex-Wanneroo mayor Tracey Roberts overcome with emotion, as voters gave Labor a 15 per cent swing in Christian Porter's former seat.
Ex-Wanneroo mayor Tracey Roberts overcome with emotion, as voters gave Labor a 15 per cent swing in Christian Porter’s former seat. (Nine)

Re-elected Labor MP Patrick Gorman said the result was a clear message from Western Australians not to take the state for granted.

Four new MPs won seats as Perth’s Pearce electorate went to Labor for the first time ever.

Ex-Wanneroo mayor Tracey Roberts was overcome with emotion, as voters gave Labor a 15 per cent swing in Christian Porter’s former seat.

“I fought breast cancer and this community was the ones that picked me up dried my tears and supported me on that journey and I will never forget that, when I was at my most vulnerable this community was there for me and I will give back,” she said.

The gain was just as big in Swan, in the city’s east.

Engineer Zaneta Mascarenhas won 60 per cent of the two-party preferred vote.

She credited victory to Premier Mark McGowan’s popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Mark showed what leadership looked like in a crisis, Scott Morrison didn’t and he kept on doing that over and over again,” she said.

Champagne was popped early in Midland too. A campaign centred around aged care neglect earned Tania Lawrence a surprise dominance of Hasluck.

“I just felt consistently that we were listening to them and they were respecting the fact we were listening and now we need to act and get that fixed,” she said.

Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt was unseated but won’t retire.

Sam Lim is set to become the member for Tangney. He leads 53.8 per cent to Ben Morton's 46.3 per cent on a two-party preferred basis.
Sam Lim is set to become the member for Tangney. (Supplied)

Ben Morton, one of Scott Morrison’s closest allies, was also booted out.

“I think Mark McGowan was absolutely a factor in this election campaign,” he said.

“I don’t think the government has been able to meet the expectations of the Australian voters in this election – those expectations are really high.

“Do I think AA will meet those expectations if he becomes Prime Minister? I think he’ll fail miserably.”

Liberal and Labor HQs tell two different stories

Cowan, once the state’s most marginal seat, is now one of Labor’s safest, with Anne Aly elected.

Candidate Tom French is hopeful of adding his name to the list as there’s every chance the seat of Moore will fall.

It’s currently on a knife edge after an 11 per cent swing towards the ALP left incumbent Ian Goodenough only slightly ahead.

If it does fall Andrew Hastie will be the only sitting Liberal member left in the metropolitan Perth area

In Claremont, teal independent Kate Chaney was greeted with a rockstar reception as she celebrated a 16 per cent swing in the blue-ribbon seat of Curtin.

“I think people are ready for change and certainly in my community there’s a strong sense we’re not being represented,”she said.

The Liberals retained three regional electorates of Durack, Forrest and O’Connor.

Senator Michaelia Cash dubbed the party’s 35 per cent state primary vote “a rebuild”

But she conceded the government’s temporary support for Clive Palmer’s WA border challenge proved costly.

“The Labor party was able to run an effective campaign against us, strong campaign highlighting this decision, even though we reversed it and yes it certainly had an impact on the vote last night,” she said.

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