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A bodyboarder has relived the heart-stopping moment he was confronted by shark on the Mornington Peninsula outside Melbourne.

Roger Essig came face-to-face with the nearly two-metre creature in the surf at Gunnamatta Beach on Sunday, managing to record the encounter on camera as he thrashed his flippers to scare it away.

“My only reaction was to turn away from it and give it my fins,” Mr Essig said.

The shark showed no fear when coming toward the bodyboarder. (Supplied)
Roger Essig filmed captured his close encounter with the shark on his helmet camera. (Nine)
The artist had a moment of panic as the 1.8-metre shark approached him on an angle, coming within centimetres of the terrified bodyboarder.

Mr Essig was on an inflatable surf mat and managed to paddle away, raising the alarm to his friend nearby.

“Andre, shark!” he yelled.

It was 11.30am on Sunday morning at Gunnamatta Beach in Fingal when the pair were enjoying the waves during a three-hour session.

The encounter happened about 200 metres from the shore, with the entire incident captured on a helmet camera worn by Mr Essig.

The shark came within centimetres of the bodyboarder. (Supplied)
Mr Essig and his friend Andre were enjoying the swell when the shark approached. (Supplied)

“I literally just pressed record and put it on top, put my helmet on and looked to my right and saw a shark heading straight towards my side,” he said.

Surfers were out today enjoying the swell, only too aware they’re always in shark territory.

“It’s pretty terrifying to be honest, I didn’t realise it was just out there … it’s good to know I’m back on the sand,” one local surfer said.

Experts believe it could have been a docile broadnose sevengill shark and the animal may have mistaken Roger for a seal.

Mr Essig thrashed his flippers at the shark to scare it away. (Supplied)
The bodyboarder managed to get back to shore unscathed. (Supplied)

“He’s just coming up to have a closer look, they’ll circle for a little while then they might come a little bit closer to have a bit of a bump,” Tereza Todd from Sea Life Melbourne said.

Despite the close shave, Mr Essig says it won’t deter him from getting back in the water and he will return to the same spot on the weekend.

Sharks are always on my mind definitely – but I probably won’t go out as far.”
A tiger shark called Collette was found swimming near North West Island off the coast of Queensland today. The shark is 3.76 metres long and is being tracked in cooperation with OCEARCH. The tiger shark was tagged by Dr Adam Barnett's team at the Biopixel Oceans Foundation.

The biggest sharks caught, tagged and studied around the world

Source: 9News

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