Home News BREAKING: Police Arrest Trans Internet Personality ‘Chris Chan’ Who Allegedly Admitted To Raping His Mom

BREAKING: Police Arrest Trans Internet Personality ‘Chris Chan’ Who Allegedly Admitted To Raping His Mom


Christine Chandler, born Christopher Chandler and better known as his Internet moniker Chris Chan, has been arrested following reports that he admitted to engaging in sexual intercourse with his 80-year-old mother, who is widely believed to be suffering from some form of dementia, and thus may not have been able to consent.

Chandler, who has been staying at a hotel in Richmond, Virginia since police served an order of protection preventing him from returning to the family home or having any contact with his 80-year-old mother, was recorded during a live stream by Killstream host and Ralph Retort editor-in-chief Ethan Ralph being escorted away from the hotel in handcuffs by local police officers. It is unclear what, if anything, Chandler has been charged with. Numerous clips from the video have already surfaced on social media.

As National File originally reported, In a nearly 10 minute audio recording posted to Kiwi Farms, the person identified as 39-year-old Chandler appears to admit to having repeated sexual intercourse and contact with his 80-year-old mother since June of this year, and at one point explains that “We’ve been doing it every third night and the first night was on June 27”. The person identified as Chandler explained that they approached Barbara Chandler “with care and caution” in “a timed approach” that “just branched out slow and steady” until they let Barbara “make the first move, and she wanted to do it.”

“She’s got a really sensitive g-spot, because apparently I don’t believe her… any of her past boyfriends, ex husbands, they haven’t really reached, hit her g-spot really”, said the person identified as Chandler at one point, ostensibly speaking about their own father. “They were more focused on themselves, really, as opposed to focusing on her, which that’s my focus”. At this point in the call, the other person on the phone call repeatedly noted that they were discussing sexual actions with the 80-year-old mother, and the person identified as Chandler did not dispute this.

Chandler also allegedly sent at least 22 text messages about having sexual intercourse with his mother. In them, Chandler allegedly graphically describes that they “made another attempt at rubbing her vagina” but noted that “it hurt her”.

After the viral post was made on Kiwi Farms, a YouTuber named Dillin Thomas claims that he contacted Chandler to ascertain if the report was true. “I told Chris I wouldn’t make this info public but it is eating away at me,” wrote Thomas. “I asked Chris if he f**ked his mom earlier and her [sic] said it was true.” In screen shots posted to Twitter by Thomas, Chandler appears to have written, “I will trust you with the simple answer” and asked Thomas not to post the response before adding, “Yes”.

Chandler reportedly took at least $750 from his mother’s bank account, telling the operator of Kiwi Farms that it was an “emergency”. Josh Moon, the operator of Kiwi Farms, suggested that this may be in violation of the emergency protective order filed against Chandler. Additionally, Moon had attempted to help Chandler use GoFundMe to raise money needed to attend a My Little Pony convention, and originally pledged to release this money to Chandler. After the revelations, Moon instead instructed GoFundMe to refund the money to those who donated.

This is a breaking news story and may be updated as more information becomes available.

Source: National File


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