British expat Tom Birchy claims all Australians want to move to the UK
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British expat Tom Birchy claims all Australians want to move to the UK

A British man living in Thailand who claimed Aussies and Brits want to swap living places because of a ‘grass is greener’ attitude was quickly shot down by proud Australians.

Tom Birchy shared a video earlier this month where he claimed people in Australia and the UK often want to live in each other’s country, rather than appreciating their own home.

‘The grass is always greener. In the UK we think our country is absolutely cut and we dream about moving abroad, going somewhere hotter where we can make more money and have a better quality of life,’ he said.

‘The irony is Australians, in their perfect paradise land that we Brits think it is, they think the exact same about the UK.

‘They all want to move over to the UK so they can experience the history and culture and be a minute from flying to Europe.

‘I think it’s funny how wherever we’re from, we’re always like, “It’s f***ing s***” and you see all the good in other places.’

Mr Birchy explained how he’s been more appreciative of the good things in his life since moving from the UK. 

‘For me, I hate the weather in England and I think everyone’s miserable so I don’t live there, I live in Thailand,’ he said.

‘Australian people feel like the whole country knows one another and, even though it’s such a big country, they feel isolated from everywhere else. They just want to go see more of the world.

‘I get it, I 100 per cent get it, but I think it’s funny how whatever we don’t have is what we want.

‘It’s easier to see the things you don’t have, isn’t it? It’s easier to recognise the things you want instead of the things you do have.’ 

However, dozens of Aussies were quick to defend Australia as the superior place to live in the comments.

British expat Tom Birchy (above) was shot down by defensive Australians after claiming all Australians want to move to the UK because 'the grass is greener'

British expat Tom Birchy (above) was shot down by defensive Australians after claiming all Australians want to move to the UK because ‘the grass is greener’

‘Difference is Aussies always go home,’ one wrote.

‘I think it’s funny how everyone’s saying is the biggest pull factor to live in the UK is that you can quickly leave the UK,’ another said.

‘Nah we’re good down here thanks,’ one Aussie wrote.

‘As an Aussie who’s lived in London for almost two years, the grass was not greener,’ a fifth said.

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