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A British journalist faced a swift retaliation of mockery and ridicule after he tried to bash the United States for the supposed ease of gun and ammunition sales.

Pádraig Belton, a BBC reporter, tweeted on Tuesday that he couldn’t find an adapter for his laptop at a Walmart but that they were selling rifles and ammunition.

Twitter users immediately noted that Belton had posted photographs of BB guns, not real guns as he had posited and mocked him for the bizarre failed attempt to criticize U.S. gun policies.

“First, those are BB guns Second, our guns are the reason we don’t bow to a queen,” read one popular response with more than 8k likes.

“I truly thought this was satire. OMG! how do they let you be a journalist? More importantly, how have you not seen the Christmas Story?!? It’s literally a toy,” said another critic.

“OMG Walmart sells BB guns that shoot tiny pellets almost powerful enough to bruise a squirrel,” read another response.

“It must be genuinely frightening for you to live in a world where people don’t all look and act as you do—so do you rock yourself to bed or just cry in silence, @PadraigBelton?” said the Firearms Policy Coalition.

“Tell me you had a sad childhood AND never watched A Christmas Story in one tweet,” replied another critic.

The reporter did not respond to the thousands of replies.

Belton’s tweet was hit with the dreaded ratio, whereupon a tweet has more comments than it has retweets, showing the measure by which other users mocked the tweet. At the time of publishing the tweet had received about 7k retweets, but had nearly 18k responses.

Here’s more about the mockery of Belton:

[embedded content] BBC Journalist Visits America, And Promptly HUMILIATES Himself In An American Walmart Store www.youtube.com

Source: TheBlaze

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