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Coronavirus transmission inside a Sydney soccer club has been confirmed as a Bunnings and Dan Murphy’s are added to the city’s growing exposure site list.

A health alert has been issued for Club Marconi at Bossley Park for Friday June 25 and Saturday June 26.

Anybody on the premises (excluding the games room and or bistro) on June 25 between 2pm and 8pm or on June 26 (excluding the game room) between between 10.30am and 6.00pm is considered a close contact and must isolate immediately.

Close contacts must get tested and remain in isolation regardless of the result.

The Club Marconi in Bossley Park in Sydney's west is a close contact exposure site. coronavirus
The Club Marconi in Bossley Park in Sydney’s west has been confirmed as a transmission site. (Rhett Wyman)

Bunnings in Ashfield has also been listed a close contact site.

If you were on Monday July 5 between 3.50pm and 4.05pm or on June 24 between 12pm to 8pm, you must isolate.

A Dan Murphy’s, Supercheap Auto and Commonwealth Bank have also been added to the list of close contact sites during a number of dates between last week between Thursday July 3 and Sunday July 5.

The Commonwealth Bank runs the most used school banking programs.
The Commonwealth Bank in Roselands Shopping Centre is a close contact exposure site. (Dion Georgopoulos)

Transmission also occurred at four other venues in western Sydney, anyone having visited the below sites must immediately seek testing and isolate for a full 14 days:

  • Parramatta: Country Growers 159-175 Church St Wednesday, 30 June 5:35pm – 5:55pm
  • Parramatta: Coles Westfield, Campbell St Wednesday, 30 June 5:45pm – 6:05pm
  • Toongabbie: Construction site 74 Aurelia St Anytime from Monday, 28 June to Friday, 2 July
  • Bossley Park: Club Marconi, 121-133 Prairie Vale Road, anywhere on the premises apart the games room and or bistro on Friday June 25, 2pm – 8pm and again the following day on Saturday June 26, anywhere on the premises between 10.30am and 6.00pm.

Anyone at the venues and times above is also a close contact and must get tested and isolate for 14 days. Previously, visitors were considered casual contacts.

More sites were added to NSW Health’s close contact list this afternoon:

  • Kirrawee: AJ & PM Sales, Kirrawee Trade shop floor (Ground floor) 63 Waratah St Tuesday, 29 June 12:50pm – 12:55pm
  • Bexley: St Mary & Mina Coptic Orthodox Cathedral 339 Forest Rd Friday, 25 June 4pm – 6pm
  • Ashfield: Bunnings, Corner Parramatta Road and Frederick Street, 3:50pm to 4:05pm on Monday 5 July and 12pm to 8pm on Thursday 24 June
  • Ashfield: Supercheap Auto, Unit 138/144 Liverpool Road, 2:50pm to 3:05pm on Sunday 4 July
  • Strathfield South: Dan Murphy’s, 350-360 Liverpool Road, 5:45pm to 6pm on Saturday 3 July
  • Riverwood: Commonwealth Bank, 237 – 239 Belmore Road on Thursday July 1 between 9.30am – 5pm, Friday July 2, 9.30am – 4pm and Saturday July 3 between 9.30 – 4pm.

Again, anyone at those venues at the times listed must get a test and isolate for two weeks.

The full list of exposure sites and times is constantly updated at the NSW Health website.

Source: 9News

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