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California’s super-majority Democrats are moving through the legislature a bill to silence and punish doctors with differing opinions from the government regime’s scientific “consensus.” The bill, proposed by Assemblyman Evan Low, an anti-free speech Democrat, would subject doctors to “disciplinary action against a physician and surgeon” for the “dissemination or promotion of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or ‘COVID-19.’”

Here we go again with playing freeze tag with science, as the Left is so fond of doing with issues such as COVID, global warming, and transgenderism.

Now, as the Left has been doing during the entire pandemic, those who do not agree with the consensus are thrown out, fired, silenced, and condemned.

And California Democrats want more punishment for these Galileos.

This week, testimony was heard in the Assembly Business and Professions Committee. Committee Chair, Democrat Assemblyman Marc Berman, yelled at those testifying, “Hey! Check it out! I need everybody to follow the fu**ing rules!”

So much for decorum.

But this bill has nothing to do with decorum, obviously. It has only to do with punishing doctors for questioning the regime. Diseases of dubious origin, shots, mask efficacy, statistics on “cases,” and the efficacy of over-the-counter medicines to alleviate symptoms are all issues that were countered by doctors.

They must pay.

Just ask that stand-up paddleboarder who was arrested for failure to keep social distancing. On the ocean. With no one around.

Remember the outdoor dining ban? Yeah, that was a good one. A good many Californians thought that was total BS — including some doctors — but under this bill, the regime would punish them for speaking out.

Shhh. First, do no harm … to the regime’s settled fake science.

Remember when Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti closed beaches?  And then “allowed” people to go but required them to wear masks? Good times.

We must have universal mail-in ballots for everyone because … COVID! That worked out “well.”

Remember when they put grandma and grandpa in nursing homes to warehouse them with people with COVID?

Remember when people were arrested for daring to go to the beach in Encinitas for protesting this insanity?

Remember when the standard for measuring COVID was cases and not hospitalizations?

Remember when schools paid kids to get shots and didn’t tell their parents?

Remember when the regime made ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, previously sine qua non in medical treatment, medicine non grata?

Kids. In. Masks. Anyone? 

Some medical professionals thought this was crazy. However, they were drummed from polite society for suggesting that there might be another way to think about this.

California Democrats want more doctors who disagree with the regime drummed from polite society. Indeed, California Democrats want more punishment. Worse, they want to codify this punishment. They want to make it official.  They want people who disagree with the regime to suffer for having a difference of scientific opinion.

This is a regime that has been wrong on nearly everything having to do with COVID.

Worse, they must trample First Principles to do it.

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Listen to this Big “D” Democrat, a civil rights attorney, testify at the “Hey! Check it out! I need everybody to follow the fu**ing rules!” hearing.

“Speaking personally as a life-long Democrat and a civil rights attorney, I am dismayed that Democrats are bringing forward bills that undermine civil liberties. … The purpose [of this bill] is to restrict speech based on its content. … It would discourage conscientious doctors from expressing themselves freely about a topic that is fraught with uncertainty due to its novelty. … The remedy for speech that is false is speech that is true.”

She will never be asked back to the Democrat cool kids club again.

This doctor would never work again in California if this bill passes.

Dr. Tracy Hoeg called attention to statistics, science, and truth about COVID that didn’t comport with the regime.

Shame on her.

Remember when we asked doctors to “First, Do No Harm”? Now California Democrats want them to “First, Follow the Regime.”

Source: This post first appeared on PJ Media

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