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CHICAGO (WLS) — Jennifer Trejo, a teacher at William Howard Taft High School in Norwood Park, is one of 2022’s Golden Apple award recipients for excellence in teaching.

Trejo teaches art to 10th, 11th and 12th grade students at the school, including AP and IB classes. She is one of 10 Golden Apple recipients in all of Illinois.

The Golden Apples are handed out to teachers that have lasting positive effects on their students’ lives and their school communities.

“Working with students in the arts, whether it’s performing or visual arts, they get a chance to try and take an idea that’s in their head and make it come to life,” Trejo said.

Each winner gets $5,000 in cash and a spring sabbatical.

The Golden Apple Foundation is an Illinois non-profit dedicated to supporting teachers.

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Source: ABC7

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