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Gift-giving is one of the best parts of the holidays. Gift wrapping, on the other hand? Well, that one’s a little iffy. 

Luckily, Sophie Liard, also known as the Folding Lady, has all of us covered. From wrapping with fabric to using no tape at all (yes, no tape!), Liard covers all the wrapping basics—and the not-so-basic tricks, too. 

Don’t get caught under a mountain of crinkled paper and tape again. Instead, use these mind-blowing gift wrap tutorials to up your holiday game this year—no magical elves necessary.

Wrapping With Tissue Paper

Finding a roll of cute wrapping paper in early December can be all but impossible. However, tissue paper tends to sell out less quickly. The solid colors of tissue paper also go great with extra frills like bows and ribbons.

Check out this tutorial for wrapping gifts with tissue paper and tape only (the ASMR is a bonus).

Wrapping With Fabric

If even the tissue paper section has been picked clean at your local stores, then don’t worry. Liard also has a tutorial for that. 

The Folding Lady lives up to her name in this tutorial, in which she uses a spare scarf to wrap her gift. It’s eco-friendly and reusable. Moreover, it’s downright adorable.

Wrapping With Too-Small Pieces

I’d say a solid 40% of my wrapping paper ends up on the floor, crinkled and unused because I didn’t cut the piece big enough. Well, no more! 

By changing the gift’s angle slightly, Liard shows us that yes, we can put those scrap gift wrap pieces to good use. Waste not, want not, right?

Wrapping Without Tape

You’ve made it to your last gift only to discover an empty Scotch tape spool in front of you. Do you brave the cold and make a late-night trip to Walgreens? Maybe last year. But not this time.

Before watching this video, I thought wrapping a gift without tape was impossible. But after watching this no-tape tutorial, I now believe in Christmas miracles.

Adding Layers And Card Slots

The Folding Lady didn’t grow a huge following on TikTok by only covering wrapping woes. Her advanced techniques are just as amazing to watch. 

For example, Liard uses a special technique to create neat, eye-catching layers. She can create spaces to slide a gift card, flower, or other trinkets by changing the technique slightly.  

Additionally, she offers tricks for oddly shaped gifts, from tubs to bottles. 

So, this year, make the gift wrap part of the present (Santa Claus who?!). You can find all of the Folding Lady’s videos on TikTok, Youtube, and her new book, available for pre-order now.

Source: This post first appeared on https://www.suggest.com/feed/

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