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Clive Palmer says he was knocked out for about 20 seconds when he fell during a rehearsal for his United Australia Party campaign launch.
The billionaire was taken to hospital from yesterday’s rehearsal on the Sunshine Coast after tripping on the stage.

“I found at 68 I couldn’t jump as high as I could at 64,” he told Sky News on Saturday. 

United Australia Party chairman Clive Palmer and party leader Craig Kelly launch their 2022 federal election campaign with an event at Palmer’s Coolum golf resort. Photo: Matt Dennien (Matt Dennien)

“I hit the platform on the side rather than on top and fell backwards, hit my head, was knocked unconscious for 20 seconds.”

Mr Palmer said “everything was fine” when he woke up but the people around him urged him to get checked out.

“I went and got a brain scan, which was very reassuring and found that I had a brain but that it wasn’t damaged,” he said.

“So I’m okay, everything’s fine.”

It was the big-spending mining magnate’s second stumble in recent weeks, having tripped as he left the stage following his National Press Club address on April 7.

Clive Palmer from the United Australia Party stumbles as he exits the stage after addressing the National Press Club of Australia. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen (The Sydney Morning Herald)

Despite the stumble, he still managed to kick off the $70 million campaign today under a huge tent at his Coolum golf resort.

Hundreds of yellow-shirt-clad supporters gathered to hear from Mr Palmer and UAP leader Craig Kelly, who said the party would push for the enactment of a bill of rights.

“Save Australia, we must. Save Australia, we will,” Mr Palmer said.

Despite the stumble, he still managed to kick off the $70 million campaign today. Photo: Matt Dennien (Matt Dennien)

He is running for the Senate this year, having failed to return to Parliament in 2019 despite his party spending more than $80 million on its campaign, most of which came from Mr Palmer’s Mineralogy company.

The massive political spending, vastly outstripping even the major parties, has drawn criticism from some corners.

Source: 9News

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