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CNN is facing public outcry as people call for the network to fire its chief media correspondent, Brian Stelter, for not exposing a relationship between CNN president Jeff Zucker and senior executive Allison Gollust. 

Anonymous Source Slams Stelter: ‘He Is Truly Terrible At His Job’

It is unknown whether or not Stelter chose not to expose the romance or if he simply had no idea it was going on, but inside sources claim the relationship between Zucker and Gollust was common knowledge at the network.

“The network needs to step up and fire Brian Stelter,” an anonymous source told the Daily Mail. “He is allegedly our top media reporter—yet he failed to report on the scoop that everyone in the office knew. And if he wants to say he didn’t know, he is truly terrible at his job.”

Zucker resigned after the relationship became public knowledge. He failed to disclose his romance with Gollust, his closest colleague at the network, during a probe of anchor Chris Cuomo. 

Gollust made a public statement about the “consensual relationship,” saying that the two were professional colleagues for more than 20 years before their relationship “changed” during the pandemic. 

CNN Employees Want Gollust And Stelter To Be Fired

Female employees at CNN are not happy about the romance, especially because Gollust has not been fired, even after lying for years about her relationship with the network’s president. 

“Why is she allowed to keep her job?” a CNN insider told The New York Post. “CNN is supposed to be a transparent news network. How does she get away with lying about their affair for so long?”

The Daily Mail’s source thinks that Stelter should be fired as well. “Brian Stelter should be calling his agent to start looking for another job,” the source said. “He’s been Jeff Zucker’s water boy for years and no one believes he didn’t know about all of this.”

The source also accused Stelter of being a hypocrite for not exposing the relationship between Zucker and Gollust while criticizing other networks for not breaking big stories. 

“He’s been sitting on his moral high horse doing Jeff’s bidding and ripping Fox and every other media outlet that Jeff tells him to while his ratings crash and burn,” the source fumed. “Where was he on the biggest story at his own network after chastising everyone else?” 

CNN has not made any public comments regarding Stelter’s employment status, but this scandal is just the latest in a long line of controversies the network has had to weather over the past few months. 

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