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CNN fact-checked President Joe Biden on numerous statements he made during a town hall event on their own network and found him wanting.

Hosted by CNN host Don Lemon, the president responded to questions from the audience at the town hall event Wednesday in Cincinnati, Ohio.

On Thursday, CNN refuted many of the claims Biden made during the event.

Coronavirus vaccination

Biden made contradictory statements about the efficacy of vaccination against the coronavirus event.

“If you’re vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you’re not going to be in the ICU unit and you’re not going to die,” said Biden at one point.

Later, he added that even if vaccinated people were to become infected with the virus that they were “not likely to get sick.”

In a third statement, he assured the audience that “you’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations.”

CNN noted that the second statement was the most accurate statement about the efficacy of vaccinations.


CNN noted that Biden dismissed a question about the increasing price of cars over inflation, saying, “The cost of an automobile, it’s kind of back to what it was before the pandemic.”

But that is not true, and prices for used and new automobiles have skyrocketed during Biden’s term.

Biden’s vaccination goal

Biden bumbled the numbers on what he initially promised to succeed in relation to the rate of the coronavirus vaccinations.

“Now, by the way, remember when I first got elected,” he said, “the issue was, well, I said I was going to do a million shots a week, and people said, ‘Biden can’t do that’ or ‘Biden team can’t do that.’ And it was 2 million.”

CNN pointed out that Biden had promised to meet the rate of a million vaccinations per day, not a million per week.

CNN reported that Biden was able to achieve another goal of 200 million vaccinations by 100 days, but the network neglected to note that this goal was made after Biden was ridiculed for having such an easily achievable previous goal.

How many is that?

Biden was confused about how many Americans would be affected by his proposal to end the practice of noncompete agreements.

During the town hall he said, “You have over 600,000 people out there signing — 6 million people signing a — I better check the number…”

But CNN noted that White House press secretary Jen Psaki has put the number at more than 30 million people, and another estimate used by the White House put it at between 36 to 60 million workers.

Biden also failed to remember how many Republicans signed on to a letter he was discussing and the facts on his own child tax credit bill, CNN reported.

Here’s more about Biden’s CNN town hall event:

[embedded content] Biden ‘rambles’ whether or not there’s ‘a man on the moon’

Source: TheBlaze

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