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Neal Adams, a superhero in the comic book world who was revered as much for advocating for the rights of his peers as he was for the characters he drew, died Thursday at age 80.

He died in his native New York Thursday night of complications from sepsis, a family member told the Daily News Thursday.


Adams’ comic book career that began in the 1960s saw him tackling characters from Deadman to Batman, and those in the X-Men and Avengers worlds.

“My father was a force,” Josh Adams, the comic book legend’s son, told The Hollywood Reporter. “His career was defined by unparalleled artistic talent and an unwavering character that drove him to constantly fight for his peers and those in need,”


Together with writer Dennis O’Neil, Adams helped bring more edge to the Batman characters, in particular, portraying the Joker in a darker and less comical light.

He also helped create new Batman villains including the Man-Bat and Ra’s al Ghul.

Born on Governors Island on June 15, 1941, Adams tried unsuccessfully to land a gig at DC Comics in the 1950s and started out working for Archie Comics and then in commercial advertising before later finding success at DC and Marvel Comics.

He was an ally to Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, helping them win credit for dreaming up the character as well as a pension.

“He would become known in the comics industry as one of the most influential creators of all time and champion social and creators’ rights,” Josh said of his father. “When he saw a problem, he wouldn’t hesitate. What would become tales told and retold of the fights he fought were born out of my father simply seeing something wrong as he walked through the halls of Marvel or DC and deciding to do something about it right then and there.”

Adams co-founded Continuity Studios in 1971, which produced comics, commercial art and storyboards out of its New York and Los Angeles work spaces and remains in operation.

Besides his wife and son Josh, Adams is also survived by two other sons, two daughters, six grandchildren and one great-grandson.

Source: nydailynews

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