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The crocodile reportedly bit a 38-year-old woman in the leg on Monday while she was swimming in Butler Cover, Lake Argyle, an area that is home to freshwater crocodiles.

The woman is in a stable condition, Western Australia Health confirmed.

Lake Argyle, Western Australia
Lake Argyle is in Western Australia’s far north Kimberley region. (iStock)

9News understands the woman was taken to Kununurra Hospital before being transported to Broome Hospital.

She sustained “serious leg injuries” in the unprovoked attack.

A Department of Biodiversity and Conservation (DBCA) spokesperson said staff saw a freshwater crocodile up to 2.5m in length in the area yesterday.

“Both the behaviour of a crocodile approaching the boat and the events of the previous day is consistent with what staff would identify as a problem animal,” the spokesperson said.

Wildlife authorities have since “destroyed” the reptile to “ensure public safety”.

The DBCA spokesperson added the area is home to a large population of freshwater crocodiles but they’re not usually aggressive unless fed or interacted with.

“While not usually considered to be dangerous, animals have the potential to inflict serious injuries,” the DBCA spokesperson said.

“The public is reminded not to feed or approach wildlife while recreating in the Kimberley.”

Source: 9News

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