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If the police do not apply the law fairly, reasonably and with consistency, they will quickly lose public trust and support. Soon, anarchy would reign.

So the Mail welcomes Durham Constabulary re-examining Sir Keir Starmer‘s notorious ‘beer and pizza’ bash at a Labour constituency office while on the campaign trail last April.

To Labour’s leader, the No10 party for which Boris Johnson was fined by the Met Police – when an aide brought in a birthday cake which never left its Tupperware box – dwarves the Great Train Robbery.

The Mail welcomes Durham Constabulary re-examining Sir Keir Starmer's bash at a Labour constituency office last April

The Mail welcomes Durham Constabulary re-examining Sir Keir Starmer's bash at a Labour constituency office last April

 The Mail welcomes Durham Constabulary re-examining Sir Keir Starmer’s bash at a Labour constituency office last April

Yet the truth is, everything he accuses Mr Johnson of, he did himself when indoor socialising was still banned.

The original police investigation into Sir Keir’s potential rule-breaking was hopeless and cursory. No one interviewed, a video studied, the allegations swiftly dismissed.

That might have been the correct decision. But if Durham police were right, it follows the Met must be wrong – or vice versa.

What is scandalous and unacceptable is if Mr Johnson is being treated differently under the law to everyone else.

Thrown to the wolves

It didn’t take a crystal ball to predict a tragedy. In early April 2020, as coronavirus terrifyingly swept the country, this column warned: ‘If we don’t wake up, many of our care homes will become houses of death.’

And so it came to pass. Some 20,000 elderly and vulnerable residents lost their lives in the first wave – many spending their final hours confused and alone.

Yesterday, in a scathing High Court ruling, judges pinned the blame on then health secretary Matt Hancock and the hapless (and now-defunct) Public Health England.

They acted unlawfully by allowing NHS hospitals to discharge untested patients into nursing homes, despite the risk of asymptomatic transmission, which triggered fatal outbreaks. The reason? The health establishment had a monomaniacal focus on propping up the NHS.

As our elderly move into their declining years, society owes them a moral obligation.

Mr Hancock boasted of throwing a ‘protective ring’ around care homes. In fact, he threw their residents to the wolves.

Speaker’s idle boast

‘I am a staunch believer and protector of press freedom.’

Who said these enlightened words? Why, the Commons Speaker, no less, on Tuesday.

By then, however, it was too late for Sir Lindsay Hoyle to depict himself as a bulwark for the media against parliamentary attack.

For he’d already summoned The Mail on Sunday’s editor (a request rebuffed) to explain a ‘misogynistic’ story claiming Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner had tried to distract Mr Johnson at PMQs by flashing her legs.

He might now reflect on why he went to war over such an inconsequential issue.

After all, despite Mrs Rayner’s protests, she herself had previously made the story public for a national podcast, with great merriment and crude language.

And, as the Mail revealed yesterday, no less than four MPs – including one woman – now say they heard her joking about the same subject, in similarly vulgar terms, on the Commons terrace in January.

The frightening thing is why the Speaker thought he should involve himself in what the Press was allowed to print. We are at a poor pass when political correctness triumphs over free speech.

  • In this multi-channel age, the BBC licence fee is already antediluvian. And it becomes even harder to justify when the broadcaster is bloated, biased, riddled with political correctness and out of touch with its core audience. Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has rightly signalled a new, fairer funding model. We say: About time.

Source: dailymail

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