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Trevor Noah, the host of “The Daily Show,” faced fierce criticism on social media after it was discovered that Joe Rogan had defended him during his own politically incorrect controversy.

Noah recorded a 16 minute segment hammering away at Rogan over his use of a racial epithet at various times of his comedic career.

“Just because something is a joke doesn’t mean it can’t be something else as well. Because a joke can be racist, right, in fact, a joke can be racist and funny if you’re telling it to the right crowd,” said Noah.

“Someone can find it funny, but the laughs don’t mean that there’s no racism,” he added.

While many on the left praised Noah for jumping on the bandwagon to bury Rogan, a resurfaced tweet from 2015 showed that Rogan was much more gracious to Noah when he faced a similar controversy.

Rogan said in response to a fan asking him to comment that his thoughts were “too much for 140 characters,” but he went on to summarize his defense of Noah.

“NOTHING he said was out of line, and he’s a funny dude. F*** the haters, Noah!” he tweeted.

Many took to social media to excoriate Noah for his hypocritical stance on cancel culture.

“Forgiveness for him, cancellation for everyone else,” replied Mark Hemingway.

“REMINDER: Trevor Noah told disgustingly offensive racist ‘jokes’ about Aboriginal women for ‘entertainment’ and has never admitted they were racist nor – unlike @joerogan – apologised,” responded Piers Morgan.

“Joe Rogan DEFENDED him. And now in 2022, Trevor Noah calls for Rogan to be cancelled,” tweeted Greg Price.

“You piece of f***ing s**t,” tweeted commentator Noah Blum with a screenshot of Noah’s politically incorrect jokes.

Rogan apologized for using the epithet in a video after the controversy, and he explained that in many of the instances he was not using the word to insult anyone. He also said that the controversy was a “political hit job” against him.

Among many of those defending Rogan is UFC champion Julianna Peña who said that people are digging up old comments to damage Rogan because they’re opposed to his conversations about the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s Trevor Noah bashing Rogan on his show:

[embedded content] Joe Rogan’s N-Word Controversy | The Daily Show www.youtube.com

Source: TheBlaze

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