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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has refused to confirm a report that he had been secretly questioned by the state’s anti-corruption commission.
The Age this morning reported the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) had questioned Mr Andrews over issues including branch stacking and misuse of public resources within the Victorian branch of Labor.

Speaking to media this morning, Mr Andrews refused to answer questions about the report.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been secretly questioned by the state’s anti-corruption commission, a report says. (Joe Armao/The Age)

“I’m not making any comment on those matters unless and until a final report is handed down,” he said.

“I’m not making any comments on these matters, and you can construct as many questions in as many ways as you see fit.

“That’s fine, that’s your job.”

The Age reported IBAC’s draft report found Victorian Labor had an “unethical culture with respect to factional activity” and that behaviour was not limited to factional groups within the party.

The inquiry was set up to investigate whether taxpayer funds and money intended for community associations were used for branch stacking.

Branch stacking involves recruiting, and usually paying for, new members to a political party and is done to boost a faction’s influence and ensure its preferred candidates are preselected.

The practice is not illegal but it is against Labor party rules to pay for others’ memberships.

IBAC interviewed 26 witnesses, including the premier, in private and seven witnesses in public hearings.

The draft report found that cultural failings within Victorian Labor were “systemic” and had been condoned or even encouraged by party leaders for many years.

It also found that “unethical practices” extended further than Mr Somyurek’s moderate Labor faction.

The report raised further questions whether recent reforms adopted by the party would stop branch stacking and misconduct.

Source: 9News

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