Dave Rubin has vowed not to tour at venues with vaccine or mask mandates, even though it would financially hurt the promotion of his upcoming book “Don’t Burn This Country: Surviving and Thriving in Our Woke Dystopia.”

“As long as I’m on a Covid kick this morning I should also mention that I have informed my agents I will not be touring my book in any theaters which require vaccine ID or masks,” Rubin declared on Twitter. “This will eliminate dozens of stops and cost me a bunch of money but I’m not playing this evil game.”

Rubin’s announcement to not make appearances at locations enforcing mask mandates and vaccine passports stemmed from a response to a video clip posted to Twitter featuring a CNN medical guest and ethics “expert” calling for unvaccinated Americans to be punished.

“I’m not vaccinated,” Rubin revealed. “I got Covid a few weeks ago. Got monoclonal, took Ivermectin, Advil and drank lots of water. Better in a few days. Vaccinated people get and spread Covid. Fact. These people are deranged psychopaths. Ignore them and live your life.”

Rubin tagged the tweet: “*Sent from Florida.”

Rubin announced in December that he was moving from California to Florida in a tweet that tagged California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

“Personal thanks to @GavinNewsom as I am officially leaving the dystopian nightmare of California for the free state of Florida,” the BlazeTV personality exclaimed. “My successful business and all my employees are coming with. See you soon, @GovRonDeSantis!”

Since moving to Florida, Rubin has expressed his “love” for the Sunshine State. “The Rubin Report” host has also highlighted the draconian COVID-19 pandemic restrictions that are still being enforced in California, including a new order from the Los Angeles Department of Public Health.

As cases continue to surge as a result of the increased circulation of the highly transmissible Omicron variant, Public Health has modified its Health Officer Order to include additional safety measures to reduce transmission risks knowing that vaccinations alone are not sufficient to prevent spread of Omicron. As soon as possible, but no later than January 17th, employers are required to provide their employees who work indoors in close contact with others with well-fitting medical grade masks, surgical masks, or higher-level respirators, such as N95 or KN95 masks. These upgraded masks are better at blocking virus particles from going through the mask.

Source: TheBlaze

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