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The social media team for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee was lambasted on Twitter for a tone-deaf attempt to come to the aid of President Joe Biden on the subject of high gas prices.

The DCCC tried to credit Biden for a slight decrease in the price of gas that was documented in the last week by economic data from the Federal Reserve.

That decrease was two cents, while the price of gas has risen about $1.14 from its price of $2.13 per gallon in Dec. 2020, to its price of $3.27 per gallon currently.

Critics pounced on the absurdity of praising Biden for a two cent drop in gas prices when they have skyrocketed over the past few months.

“Gas prices going down 2¢ per gallon in a month is not the tweet-worthy win the @DCCC thinks it is. (That would be about 22¢ in savings to fill up an 11-gallon Corolla.) Not tweeting was also an option,” said pollster Frank Luntz.

“Each horizontal line on the graph represents HALF a cent,” replied Erielle Davidson of the Hoover Institution.

“I am in awe of the people who conceived, built, approved, and posted this chart. I could never come up with this level of bulls***. Bravo,” responded Brian Riedl of the Manhattan Institute.

“Is your social media manager a Republican?” joked one critic.

The DCCC was similarly mocked and ridiculed when they tweeted a statement that was laughably incorrect about the verdict of the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, and which angered many on the left.

Biden had already tossed in the towel on gas prices in October when he admitted that he didn’t have any idea what might be done in the short term to lessen the pain of Americans at the gas pump. He later ordered for gas from the strategic oil reserves to be released in an attempt to increase supply and lessen prices.

Rick Newman of Yahoo Finance said Thursday that gas prices were likely to continue to increase well into 2022 and continue to be a headache for Biden, especially as the Republicans pummel him for it.

“It’s a problem for Biden no matter what he says about it,” said Newman.

Here’s more about the minor dip in gas prices:

[embedded content] President Biden has a problem with gas prices www.youtube.com

Source: TheBlaze

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