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Left-wing sports site Deadspin was blasted online for a tweet claiming that Sage Steele, a biracial ESPN commentator, is “the black Candace Owens.”

Deadspin vulgarly called Sage Steele the “idiot of the year” and then suggested that conservative commentator Candace Owens isn’t actually black in a Wednesday tweet.

A screenshot of a now-deleted tweet from Deadspin referring to ESPN sports anchor Sage Steele as "the Black Candace Owens," inferring that Owens isn't authentically Black.

The left-wing site deleted the tweet after taking a mountain of criticism over the racist message, and then retweeted the post saying, “Idiot of the year #6: Sage Steele, the Candace Owens of ESPN.”

The often obscene sports site was blasted by many:

Steele has been a target of woke critics for several years and was briefly pulled off the air in October for criticizing ESPN’s vax policy and asking why Barack Obama claims he is black when his mother was white.

But even as far back as 2018 wokesters were attacking her as a “MAGA operative” for leaning toward some of President Donald Trump’s policies.

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Source: Breitbart

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