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Demi Moore has had some pretty famous partners, but her new boyfriend is apparently rubbing everyone the wrong way. Is restaurant owner Daniel Humm making all of Moore’s friends uncomfortable? Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Demi Eating Out Of His Hand!’

According to the National Enquirer, Moore is galavanting around New York City with Humm, but her loved ones are worried about more heartache. The Ghost star has been spotted with the vegan chef for months, and she thinks there’s a real future there. A source says, “Daniel is known in Manhattan circles for being a major player, which is not what Demi needs as she eases into the dating scene after seven years of being single.”

If Moore has an Achilles heel, the insider explains, it’s her love of young and edgy. Divorces with Freddy Moore, Bruce Willis, and Ashton Kutcher left her heartbroken. She thought she was done with romance, “but this guy Daniel has done a number on her,” the snitch says. It’s more than just a casual fling.

Friends of Moore are apparent;y not happy about any of this. They fear that Moore is just being used for her fame and connections. The source concludes, “They’re pleading with Demi not to get carried away, but out of nowhere she’s beyond smitten.”

Who Is Daniel Humm? Should Moore Worry?

You read the Enquirer for long enough and you’ll start to notice the repetition. This story is actually an almost exact copy of an earlier article. When Katie Holmes was dating chef Emilio Vitolo Jr., it claimed all of Holmes’ friends were against it because he was using her for fame. Now, it’s just swapped celebrity chefs and exchanged Katie Holmes for Demi Moore.

Since this story is just a copy, it’s immediately impossible to trust. Moore’s real friends would never betray her by talking to this tabloid. We don’t really know much about Humm and Moore’s romance because they’ve been quietly dating for at least the past few weeks. Their secrecy and privacy opens the door for absurd stories like this one. Moore’s an adult who’s not naive to the world. She can handle herself in a new relationship.

Bruce Willis Rumor Mill Churns

We do know that Moore has Bruce Willis’ back amidst his tragic battle with aphasia. The exes have remained close despite their split. This very outlet once claimed Moore was causing Willis’ marriage to collapse, but that never happened. When Willis famously briefly quarantined with Moore instead of his wife, this outlet was ready to stir the pot. In reality, all was well.

Just to review: This outlet has a bad reputation when it comes to Moore, and it’s just reusing old material. There’s nothing here worth trusting.

Source: This post first appeared on https://www.suggest.com/feed/

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