Detroit Tigers Helping to Fund Trans Surgeries for Children
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A portion of the proceeds raised at the upcoming “Pride Night” festivities at Tigers Stadium in Detroit will be directed towards providing “gender-affirming” surgeries for children, according to a report from National Review.

In a story that ran on Friday, National Review’s Nate Hochman reveals that Detroit Tigers fans will be given the option of donating to groups such as the Trans Sistas of Color Project and the Ruth Ellis Center. Both of those organizations help fund trans surgeries to minors and children.

According to Outkick:

The Trans Sistas of Color Project website refers to ‘Trans Minor Rights’ and boasts that its funding recipients perform ‘chest reconstruction and/or genital reassignment surgery,’ while the Ruth Ellis Center offers ‘transition care for transgender youth,’ including surgery.

The Center further claims that there ‘are a lot of barriers — especially for people under 18 — that still exist for accessing puberty blockers and gender-affirming hormones. This is a huge problem.’

Also problematic, of course, is a Major League Baseball organization using funds obtained on a “Pride Night” to help fund surgeries that the providers of said funds may not be aware they’re providing. It’s unknown if the Trans Sistas of Color or the Ruth Ellis Center plan to explain to fans where their funds may be directed.

The Tigers have scheduled “Pride Night” for June 1.

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