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Katouche has an Instagram, @itsKatouche, where she records herself doing her makeup on Instagram Stories. “I take everyone along with me on the journey and I often get told by my friends and people following me that they love watching me do my makeup as it relaxes them,” she says.

“I really take pleasure in the routine of it all and watching the look come together. I also love showing myself as a disabled Black woman doing mundane day-to-day activities. It challenges some of the very limited views people have when they see myself or people like me self-determining, even something as unsuspecting as makeup.”

Attiya*, 35, from Jackson, Mississippi, sees her makeup prep as a form of escapism. “As a mum of two small, active boys, doing makeup feels like my escape from the everyday demands of motherhood and marriage,” she says. “It’s my moment, however small, to pamper myself. It’s a necessary reminder that I’m beautiful and have an identity prior to the demands of life.”

Like Dina Asher-Smith, Karouche finds doing her makeup relaxes her when she’s quite anxious. “I use it as a way to regulate my emotions. Normally I pop on some R&B and set up my ring light and get going,” she says.

This was even truer during the pandemic. “I’d often lose track of time and feel stuck, being in the same space without change for days on end. So doing my makeup was a way for me to take back control of my day and give me some structure and routine.”

Jay says it takes her 40 minutes to an hour to get ready – not just because she wants her makeup to be faultless. “This face has to be baked properly as I don’t do contouring or wear foundation,” she says. “I enjoy having ‘me’ time. I’m very selfish with my time. To enjoy it while being glammed up is even better!”

This is something Attiya can relate to. She has got her weekday beauty routine down to six minutes, but at the weekend she allows herself more time to enjoy the process. “I perform my makeup routine every weekend and that routine is an hour,” she says. “Once a week I just take a day to practise new trends and products and I will take upward 90 minutes because that’s my ‘me time.’”

Katouche has always felt quite strongly that good makeup requires time above anything else. “I have been wearing a full face of makeup this way since I was about 15-years-old. Back then it’d take me around two hours,” she says. “But now I’m much faster if I need to be. So I can finish my face in 30 minutes, but I’m seldom happy with how it looks in those instances.”

Appearances aren’t the main aim for us when it comes to our makeup, then, but let’s face it, the transformation from looking like a zombie to a beauty influencer is always welcome. My confidence is always at 10/10 after I finish my face. I feel relaxed and ready to conquer the day (or night). Let’s hope that Dina Asher-Smith’s makeup routine helps transforms her into an Olympic winner, too.

*Some interviewees chose not to share their surnames.

Source: DUK News

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