Director Michael Mann Crosses WGA Picket Lines Amid ‘Heat 2’ Rumors
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The WGA writer’s strike is still underway, and Public Enemies director Michael Mann thought crossing the picket line was a good idea.

Michael Mann Blasted Online

Penelope Cruz filming Enzo Ferraris biopics in Modena directed by Michael Mann

The director was spotted by writers and supporters crossing the picket for what was likely a meeting at a studio. A screenwriter took to social media to cleverly call out Mann and slam him in the same post for not supporting the people who have written his films.

“Yesterday, a writer/director many of us idolize ignored the Heat of the Picket line,” started the message. In case you couldn’t tell, the writer uses the names of Mann’s films to reveal that he’s the culprit who crossed the line.

“Drove up to Gate 3 fast, like a Thief or a Public Enemy driving a Ferrari to get away from a Manhunter or Miami Vice and pulled Inside (r) the Keep of the Fox lot,” the message continued. “Don’t be a Blackhat, or the Guild’s rest will suffer the Collateral damage if you don’t join us on the picket line; at Least do Mo’ Honkings as you drive by! (That last one is a big swing like Ali would have taken.).”

Director Michael Mann Crosses WGA Picket Lines Amid 'Heat 2' Rumors

Social Media Is Split On Michael Mann

Actress Busy Phillips seen giving a speech at the WGA Writers Strike today in Rockefeller Center in New York City

WGA supporters and union members couldn’t believe someone was bold enough to cross the picket line and go against the writers.

“Michael Mann is one of my favorite living directors and has made some of my favorite films, and I’m still keen on seeing his future work, but after crafting the body of work he has and having supported strikes in the past, his scab behavior is just plain shitty, no bones about it.”

Director Michael Mann Crosses WGA Picket Lines Amid 'Heat 2' Rumors

Another follower didn’t care about Mann but thought the act was ridiculous. “As someone who doesn’t care about Michael Mann, this discourse is very annoying. Being a scab is bad, simple as.”

Not everyone agrees that everyone else’s job should be on hold because of the writers. “Don’t think most non-writers should be shamed for crossing a picket line when their unions aren’t on strike; they could lose their jobs/healthcare since secondary striking is illegal. Guys like Michael Mann, however, who have enough power not to turn up, should be made to feel bad.”

Director Michael Mann Crosses WGA Picket Lines Amid 'Heat 2' Rumors

The Post Is Annoying Some People

33rd American Cinematheque Award Presentation Honoring Charlize Theron - Arrivals

The social media post that alerted people that Mann crossed the line is getting mixed reviews. “I’m going to see that annoying Michael Mann thing all day. They really couldn’t have worded it slightly less cringe,” wrote one follower.

Director Michael Mann Crosses WGA Picket Lines Amid 'Heat 2' Rumors

One follower came up with a wild plot wondering if it was illegal for the poster to use Mann’s name. “Is there any reason why you couldn’t just say Michael Mann?” a similar inquiry from another followed? “Why couldn’t they just say Michael Mann crossed the picket line?”

Director Michael Mann Crosses WGA Picket Lines Amid 'Heat 2' Rumors

“Michael Mann Facts: Michael Mann crossed the picket line.”

The outrage is probably more than Mann or anyone else may have thought, but the anger is shocking. “Michael Mann knows nothing about writing, and all his movies suck because he crossed the picket line.”

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