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A convoy of truckers has made its way across Canada, protesting government vaccine mandates required within the industry. But B.J. Dichter, spokesman for the Canadian Trucker “Freedom Convoy,” says authoritarian mandates are only half the battle for convoy participants. The other half? Radical leftist agitators who will do anything they can to provoke peaceful protesters into discrediting themselves and all those standing up to governmental tyranny.

Dichter joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to talk about a new COVID app that tracks truckers and provides personal documentation as soon as they approach Canadian border gates and to warn protestors not to fall for tactics used by agitators on the radical left.

“When I was coming across the border for the first time using a COVID app on my phone, I drive up to the border gate and I hold my phone to show the QR code to the border agent. And you know what he says? He says, ‘Oh, it’s okay. I don’t need to see it … you already popped up on my computer. As soon as you drive in a certain vicinity of my booth, I can see your passport and all of your documentation before you even come here’,” Dichter told Glenn. “So, when do we start … expanding that technology across the entire country? There’s your basis for social credit and tracking absolutely everybody, which is what we’ve been [warning] about … the entire time and nobody’s been listening to us.”

Dichter went on to emphasize, “we don’t want the government to protect us. We want the government to protect our rights,” and issued a warning to all protesters not to fall for far-left agitators who want to make them look like violent criminals.

“I hope you and others can help communicate to your listeners and people who are on the road listening to this [that] this is peaceful. Do not take the bait from the agitators on the radical left. They will show up. They will throw things at your truck. They will call you racist. They will try to get people going into buildings. We’re doing none of that,” Dichter stated.

“We’re going to have a daily intelligence/safety briefing from an intelligence analyst who works with us. You can follow the Quiggin Report Podcast Twitter for those updates. We’re going to work with police, inform them of everything that’s going on … because we saw what happened on January 6th, and that’s what they’re praying for here. They want somebody to lose their temper so that can be the scapegoat for them, and we’re not going to give it to them,” he added.

Watch the video clip below to catch more of the conversation:

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Source: TheBlaze

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