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Dolly Parton is a music and cultural icon. Over the course of her 60-year career, her music has become emblematic of country music culture, and so has her larger-than-life persona. A big part of Parton’s persona is her one-of-a-kind look. In January 2023, Parton will be celebrating her 77th birthday. Yet, despite being in her mid-seventies, Parton’s famous looks haven’t changed very much since she first became a star. Let’s explore this country music maven’s plastic surgery procedures and her classic image that she’s maintained all these years.

Dolly Parton’s Plastic Surgery Procedures

These days, celebrities who’ve gone under the knife tend to be shy when it comes to dishing about what procedures they’ve had. Dolly Parton is not one of those people. She’s loud and proud about who she is and doesn’t shy away from cosmetic enhancements to make her feel more beautiful. In 2011, she told The Guardian, “if something is bagging, sagging or dragging, I’ll tuck it, suck it or pluck it.”

So, what exactly has Parton gotten done?

Breast Augmentation

Dolly Parton wearing a low-cut, silver sequin dress
(Matthew Peyton/Getty Images)

Starting with the least surprising of Parton’s nips and tucks is her breast augmentation. On her small, petite frame, Parton’s 40DD chest has become part of her signature look. With their disproportionate size, it’s no surprise that these aren’t her natural assets. According to Parton’s surgeon, Dr. John Grossman, “she has a generous bosom, which I augmented some years ago.”

Rumors have swirled for years that her breasts have caused her health issues. However, Parton insists that they are not true. “[The rumor] shows up about every three years in the tabloids, where I’m bedridden because my boobs are so heavy that I’m crippled for life on my back,” she told People in 2020. “I just laugh. Well, they are heavy, but they haven’t crippled me yet.”

Face Rejuvenation And Botox

Dolly Parton smiling
(John Lamparski/Getty Images)

Dr. Grossman, who Parton joked, “does all [her] fender work,” also opened up about another procedure she has undergone numerous times. He explained that Parton, “had her face rejuvenated on a number of occasions, [but] not a full face-lift.”

While Parton certainly is “genetically gifted with beautiful skin,” even the kindest genetics aren’t likely to leave you virtually wrinkle-free at age 76. For this reason, many folks suspect Parton is a fan of Botox when it comes to making her fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

Nose Job 

(Newsmakers/Getty Images, Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

Neither Parton nor Dr.Grossman have ever discussed Parton’s rhinoplasty with the public. Even so, many speculate that Parton’s nose has gotten smaller over the years. Side-by-side photos of Parton’s supposed before and after nose suggest that a nose job was likely in her past.


Closeup of Dolly Parton wearing black and gold jumpsuit
(Terry Wyatt / Stringer
/ Getty Images)

In 2003, Parton admitted to getting her eyes done in an interview with Larry King Live. This surgery aims to lift and tighten saggy eyelids. Many folks opt for blepharoplasties as they get older, and Parton is likely no exception.

During the interview, she also admitted to getting a face lift, lip injections, botox, liposuction, and excess skin removal. “I look at myself like show dog,” she told King. “I gotta keep her clipped and trimmed and in good shape.”

Chin Implants

(Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images, Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock.com)

Parton has said, “I do not have time to get old.” If her decades-long career is any indication, she really doesn’t; she’s still working just as hard as ever. Chin implants are a common way to prevent sagging in the chin area that can sometimes come with getting older. Some suspect that Parton has undergone this surgery to keep her jaw line just as distinct as ever.

Dolly hasn’t confirmed every nip and tuck that folks suspect she’s had done. But, in the words of Parton herself, “It’s like what I always say: I may look fake but I’m real where it counts!”

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