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After Canada’s brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters in Ottawa, the Chinese government has criticized what they call a “double standard” approach to protests. The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa put out a series of tweets in which they compared Canada’s statements on the 2019 Hong Kong protest with Trudeau’s actions.

The Chinese embassy pointed out that Ottawa Police employed violent measures to crack down on the protests, including the use of batons, stun grenades and pepper spray. “The Canadian government called the demonstrators “a threat to democracy,” wrote the Chinese embassy in a tweet.

“Back in 2019, when radical elements assaulted the police and wantonly disrupted public order in Hong Kong, the Canadian side asserted that it will “stand up loudly and clearly for human rights all around the world” and wantonly criticized, maligned and smeared the HK Police Force,” the embassy continued. “In the eyes of some people in Canada, similar protests and demonstrations should be referred to differently in different places. In Hong Kong, they are “human rights movement”, but in Canada they are “a threat to democracy”. Such stark double standard is unacceptable.”

Chen Weihua of the Chinese state media outfit China Daily made a similar statement of his own. “Hong Kong cannot invoke National Security Law against violent petrol-bomb-throwing mobs but Canada’s Trudeau can invoke Emergency Powers to crack down on peaceful pro-freedom protesters,” Weihua wrote. “What’s the logic?”


Manhattan-Based Trump Investigation in Doubt After Prosecutors Abruptly Resign

Ottawa police made close to 200 arrests and impounded over 115 vehicles after a brutal crackdown on unanimously peaceful Freedom Convoy protesters last Friday. Brutal tactics were used in order to quell the protest, including armed raids on mobile homes and multiple beatings of already subdued protesters. At one point, a disabled woman was trampled by a mounted police unit. Protest leaders were also arrested and are now facing lengthy prison sentences. One leader, Tamara Lich, is facing up to ten years in prison and has been denied bail.

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