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Is Whoopi Goldberg “piling on the pounds,” making The View co-host feel miserable and be filled with “putrid” gas? One tabloid claims the daytime talk show host has been grouchier than usual on the popular program due to the fact that she is “erupting in flatulence.” Gossip Cop takes a look at the report.

Whoopi Goldberg’s Weight Issues Causing Bad Mood?

“Windy Whoopi Raising Big Stink!” reads the headline out of the latest National Enquirer. According to the outlet’s reporting, Whoopi Goldberg’s “poor eating habits” has left The View co-host in “gastrointestinal agony,” which has her acting extra grouchy, a source snitches. 

A “spy” told the tabloid that Goldberg now “crushes the scales at 250 pounds” after gaining 50 pounds just this year. “Her overburdened gut is erupting in flatulence, heartburn and other digestive problems,” the snitch whispers. 

Dreadful Diet Causing Digestive Dilemma

Goldberg’s diet is to blame for her recent discomfort, the source continues, “She’ll pop in a frozen pizza or order takeout and pig out on candy, and it’s wreaking havoc with her weight and bodily functions.” 

Not helping the talk show star’s alleged weight issues are her recent health struggles, including a herniated disk in her back that forced her to use a walker during her recovery. This, an insider adds, “did nothing to whittle her waistline!” 

It’s apparently gotten so bad for the Sister Act actress that her demeanor has become much crankier. “Some people suspect the reason why she gets irritable on the show these days and cuts off her co-hosts is because she needs a break really bad and some space to herself,” the tipster tells the tabloid. 

We can only assume the implication here is that sometimes Goldberg has to make wind so bad that she’s rude in her attempt to get away from everyone in order to let her gas loose. 

Strangely, the tabloid goes on to claim that “stressed-out” Goldberg has also become sick of essentially being a referee for The View’s “contentious catfights” and dreams of returning to her acting career. So, what’s actually going on here? 

Gossip Cop’s Take On It

We refuse to comment on Whoopi Goldberg’s weight because it’s not our place to do so. The Enquirer really ought to learn from our restraint, but this outlet delights in making cruel, over-the-top jabs at celebrities’ weight. What we can say is that this disreputable tabloid’s sources are continuously sketchy and incorrect, particularly when it comes to Goldberg’s personal life as well as her professional one. 

This outlet released a hysterical article earlier this year claiming that photos seemingly showing Goldberg’s hair loss had View crew members worried the actress was undergoing a secret health crisis. That overdramatic report was untrue, Gossip Cop discovered. 

Similarly false was the Enquirer’s report claiming that Goldberg was fed up with “managing egos” on the set of The View and had decided to leave the daytime hot topic debate show for good. Since Goldberg has continued to host the show, we think it’s safe to say that our initial ruling that this story was wrong was totally correct. This trashy magazine has proven again and again that it has no real insight into Goldberg’s life, so why would this latest report have any truth to it either?

Source: This post first appeared on https://www.suggest.com/feed/

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