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Bruce Willis Randall Emmett

Getty Bruce Willis and Randall Emmett.

Fans blasted “Vanderpump Rules” star Randall Emmett for his post about Bruce Willis.

On March 30, 2022, Willis’ daughter, Rumer Willis, announced her dad was taking a step back from acting following a diagnosis of aphasia (a language disorder).

“… Bruce has been experiencing some health issues and has recently been diagnosed with aphasia, which is impacting his cognitive abilities. As a result of this and with much consideration Bruce is stepping away from the career that has meant so much to him,” she wrote on Instagram.

Shortly after, Emmett, who is a producer and director, posted a photo and a message about Willis which fans did not appreciate.

Here’s what you need to know:

Randall Emmett Wrote a Message to His ‘Close Friend’ Bruce Willis After His Aphasia Diagnosis Was Announced

On the same day that Willis’ diagnosis was announced, Emmett took to Instagram to share a tribute to his friend.

“Bruce and I have worked on over 20 films together,” he wrote on Instagram. “He is a terrific actor and legendary action star, an incredible father, and a close friend. I fully support Bruce and his family during this challenging time and admire him for his courage in battling this incredibly difficult medical condition. Bruce will always be a part of my family.”

The comments on the post were mostly attacking Emmett for it.

Fans Blasted ‘Narcissist’ Randall Emmett for ‘Making Everything’ About Him After ‘Tacky’ Post About Bruce Willis

“If you are a good friend, you would never feel the need to post this on Instagram. So tacky,” someone wrote.

“Worst kind of person. Namedroopper,” another fan wrote.

“Why are you making this about you? Clearly not that close if you chose this picture…” someone said.

“How many of these friends you claim even follow you? None,” another pointed out.

“Stop looking for so much attention,” a fan wrote.

“Why are all your posts in someway really about yourself,” someone asked. “You just hoping he forgets about the money you owe him.”

“He wouldn’t remember you even without the medical condition,” another fan commented.

“Dumb picture,” another fan wrote.

“You are so thirsty for attention after being outted as a narcissist,” someone said.

“He’s not dead,” a fan pointed out. “Why do people always have to make something about them.”

“Stop making everything about YOU!!! Christ. You’re such a narcissist. What were you his driver??!” a fan wrote.

“Randall. Why would you delete my comment asking why you needed to put out a statement 5 seconds after this was announced,” someone asked. “You seem like a good guy but just read the room and take a breath.”

“Why do you have to make everything about you even when the Oscars you had to do a throwback picture like nobody cares bro like lala said you are a narcissist I bet you’re not even friends with Bruce or half the people you claim to be friends with it’s all for name drops for likes,” a fan commented.

“Why do you always have to make these posts about you,” a fan wrote. “All these people you claim as friends don’t even care about you. This is the best photo you could post because it’s honestly the best photo you have. Bruce isn’t your family. I’m sure he barely knows who you are. Stop trying to gain validation from others gains or hardships. Just because you have some random photo from many moons ago, does not make you friends or family. That’s laughable. You ain’t relevant. When the last time you actually said a word to Bruce?”

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