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Fans are not happy with “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Dr. Terry Dubrow for selling COVID-19 at-home tests on the Home Shopping Network.

Fans are roasting Terry after he appeared on HSN selling at-home test kits, of which are in high demand in many cities, and marking them up in price.

Here’s everything we know:

Terry Is Selling the COVID Tests for More Than Double What They Are Selling for at Walgreens

Terry, a plastic surgeon, appeared on the home shopping television show this week selling a set of five Flow Flex test. The price point was $119 with a payment plan of $19.83 over six payments.

The tests retail at Walgreens for just $9.99 making the markup more than 50 percent. The kicker here is that these tests are in high demand due to the rise in Omicron cases, thus making many people desperate to get their hands on a kit.

According to The Hill, the testing kit shortage is due in part to the FDA’ signaling the vaccines as the end of the pandemic.

Abbot ramped down manufacturing of its at-home test last summer after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the vaccines were so protective they would mitigate the need for frequent testing,” the outlet reported.

Fans Went in Hard on Terry for the up Sell ‘This Should Be Illegal’

Fans were angry with Terry in the comments of the Instagram post, not holding back their thoughts on the wealthy doctor making money on the at-home kits.

“Paying off that bill from the Nobu party,” a fan joked referencing the lavish party Heather threw on RHOC.

“This should be illegal,” another fan wrote. “This makes me think so much less of Terry. What a horrible move on his part. Someone pls make this illegal,” another fan wrote.

“As wealthy as they are you would think they’d say no here and there,” someone commented.

“Now we have dr oz over here in pennsylvania, running for office….someone stop these tv doctors. Noooo,” another fan wrote.

“It’s giving tacky,” someone wrote. “And I’m fuming,” another wrote.

“BS!!! This is ridiculous. Shame on them!” another fan wrote. “This is deplorable,” another commented.

“Might as well capitalize on it just like the government and pharmaceutical companies are doing,” a fan pointed out. “This is sickening,” another wrote.

“They bought them all up to sell,” a fan wrote of the testing kit shortage.

In addition to the scathing Instagram post, fans also took to Reddit to blast the TV doctor.

“Terry Dubrow hawking overpriced COVID tests on a home shopping network to pay for the Dubrow’s Las Vegas Mall of a home is everything that is wrong with our country,” someone posted on the Housewives Reddit page.

“What a total ***hole,” someone wrote on the thread. “These will go nicely with the $30 hand sanitizer and $50 mask sets they were hawking from the start of the pandemic. How many helpings do these people need?” another person commented.

“Gluttony is not pretty,” another fan wrote. “The doctors that do it for the money are usually pretty crappy at hiding it, because their greed overshadows their care,” someone else wrote. 

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