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YouTube Jenelle Evans in her latest Vlog.

On April 22, 2022, Jenelle Evans posted an Instagram Story featuring her eldest son, Jace. In the post, she joked, “God me a new pool boy,” and swung the camera around to reveal Jace cleaning the pool. In smaller font just below, she added, “Yes… my grass needs to be cut.”

“Teen Mom” fans on Reddit appeared far more concerned with Evans’ yard than her pool or her son.

One person commented, “David, there is this thing know as a ‘weed wacker’ you may want to look into purchasing one of these or have your wife put it on her wish list.”

Another added, “This is embarrassing. When our mower was in the shop, we paid a guy with a zero turn to come mow 2 acres for $65. Are they really that broke they can’t pay a local landscaper to come mow until they buy/fix their mower?”

And a third wrote, “Yeah, that is not grass. Those are pokey a** prairie weeds.”

According to her biography, Evans moved to North Carolina in 2014 and has lived there since.

Here’s what you need to know:

Where Does Jenelle Evans Live?

Shed VlogA company decided to interview me for their podcast.. then take me off unexpectedly after airing. A lot of you have asked where this podcast went and wanted to listen to it. With the events that occurred it motivated me to start my own podcast! Watch me transform my shed into a podcasting room. Part…2021-01-08T01:56:45Z

According to The Sun, Evans lives in North Carolina in a home with a barn, pool, and she-shed. Fans were introduced to the home in a 2021 vlog.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Evans has received criticism for her home. In April 2022, according to The Sun, Evans posted a TikTok Live that showed her doing yard work.

On Reddit, fans were once again preoccupied with the state of Evans’ yard. One Reddit user wrote, “This yard is overgrown and awful looking. They dont do anything all day. Fix your s***.”

Another commented, “This fence and unkempt yard looks like the entrance to an abandoned pet cemetery, or hell!” A third weighed in, “The unkempt yard is worse than her outfit!”

Jenelle Evans’ Health

Evans has shared that she is taking time to focus on her health. On March 31, 2022, the former reality star wrote a blog post titled, “Life is moving fast…”

She wrote, “I have decided that I am going to do daily diary entries on here for what’s up with my life, updates on the family, or just how I’m feeling and maybe need to express my thoughts. I want to build a huge community with everyone and having once place to do it on my own website is an amazing outlet.”

Evans added that she has dedicated her time to focusing on her health. She wrote that she had recently been hospitalized with chest pain, and had been referred to a doctor who specializes in Myasthenia Gravis.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, Myasthenia Gravis is a “chronic autoimmune disorder in which antibodies destroy the communication between nerves and muscle, resulting in weakness of the skeletal muscles.”

On her Instagram Story on March 25, 2022, Evans wrote, “WAS IN THE HOSPITAL ALL DAY YESTERDAY FOR CHEST PAIN. PLEASE JUST SEND PRAYERS. THANKS!,” according to E! Online.


Source: Heavy

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