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The man who was recently the interior minister for Afghanistan under now-former President Ashraf Ghani alleged on Twitter this week that the Taliban is currently killing Afghan children and elderly citizens. He also inncluded graphic photos of purported child victims of the terror group.

As things in Afghanistan continue to deteriorate under the Taliban following President Joe Biden’s disastrous policy of pulling out of the South Asian country while negotiating and relying upon the goodwill of the terrorist organization, Masoud Andarabi, the onetime government official dismissed by the former Afghan president, posted a stark notice to the social media site.

“Taliban are trying to rule over people by terrorizing, killing young children and elderly citizens,” Andarabi wrote. “Taliban can not govern the nation by such actions. In Andarab, taliban [sic] have been carrying out unwarranted searches of homes, capturing people without reason or justification and killing innocent citizens.”

“As a result,” he continued, “people have had to rise against their brutality to protect their lives, honor, dignity and property.”

Included with the messages were heartbreaking photos of a baby and children who were allegedly beaten and killed by the Taliban.

You can read the original tweets here, as well as see the photos he attached to the post. WARNING: The photos are graphic and disturbing.

Insight on the fall

Andarabi was fired from his post of interior minister by Ghani back in March, Reuters reported, during a series of attacks against Afghan security forces.

One official reportedly told the outlet that Andarabi “had failed to arrest a militia commander whose forces shot down a helicopter in central Wardak province … killing nine security force members.” Andarabi, the unnamed official said, had been ordered to arrest the militia member weeks earlier for his involvement in multiple other attacks against Afghan forces.

However, according to “India Today,” Andarabi was removed by Ghani after warning against a hasty retreat by U.S. forces in the decimated country.

During an interview with “India Today,” the former minister told viewers that the country still has a chance to avoid a “very dark future,” but it will require changing current policies that will leave Afghanistan alone.

“This was a classic miscalculation of the active government, particularly the national security council and president’s advisers,” Andarabi said of the now-defunct Ghani government, adding, “They really misplayed it.”

(H/T: New York Post)

Source: TheBlaze

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