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Tom Brady is returning to the NFL, and Gisele Bundchen is apparently not happy about it. One report says she’s furious over his decision to leave retirement within a few months. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Tom Betrays Gisele!’

According to a report in In Touch, Brady could only last 41 days without the NFL. He’s heading back to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after weeks of speculation. Bundchen publicly supported her husband, but it’s a completely different story behind the scenes, an insider says. “They had a massive fight about it. After making a huge deal about how he needed to finally devote time to his family, Tom has gone back to on his word… this is a complete betrayal.”

As the source explains, the sacrifices in this marriage are lopsided—Bundchen stopped her ultra-successful modeling career to watch the kids, and, at the time, Brady thought he owed it to her to quit football. “Deep down, he never really wanted to quit,” the source says. “After the disappointment of last season’s playoff loss, he wants to win another Super Bowl so he can go out on top.”

As Brady chooses the NFL over Bundchen yet again, critics online are having a field day. The two “are hanging by a thread… this could be the beginning of the end for them.”

What’s Going On With Tom Brady?

While we have no idea what’s going on in Tom Brady’s house, neither does In Touch. It’s hard to believe Brady would actually betray his family like this. The evidence we do have comes from Instagram, and she appears to be supportive.

When Brady made his initial announcement, he wrote, “I love my supportive family. Without them, none of this is possible.” As this story notes, Bundchen commented, “Here we go again! Let’s go lovvvey!” It’s easy to imagine Bundchen would be a little peeved over Brady’s return, but she wouldn’t be publicly supporting him if it was a “complete betrayal.”

On The Brink Before

In Touch has a terrible reputation when it comes to stories about Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, making this story impossible to trust. About a year ago, it announced the two were once days away from divorce before Brady talked her into staying. It used the same phrase “hanging by a thread” then as it does now, so the tabloid is repeating itself.

A few months later in June, it claimed Bundchen wanted Brady to retire so they could star in a reality show together. Bundchen is a big enough star to command her own reality show, so this didn’t sound right. Rumors abound about Bundchen demanding Brady retire, yet she’s had his back all the way. Since the two are still happily married, it’s safe to discard this whole narrative.

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