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In addition to being one of the most elite schools in America, Harvard’s apparently also one of the most transgender-friendly.

That’s set to become even more effectively true, thanks to a student group called The Harvard Women’s Cabinet.

As stated by The Harvard Crimson, the Cabinet is “dedicated to addressing gender issues on campus.”

And partnering with the Undergraduate Council, it plans to give student healthcare resources a real boost.

Particularly, the bunch aims to assist attendees from “gender minority backgrounds.”

That would be, presumably: not men; not women.

Women’s Cabinet Co-Chair Sawyer L. Taylor-Arnold explains the initiative:

“We’re trying to figure out ways to centralize resources relating to health care, and health care services to make sure that students know where to access health care services on campus, like what’s available to them, what’s covered, how they can be reimbursed, and then also specifically thinking for services that are used by students who are gender minorities.”

The Cabinet wants to make students more aware: The school insurance, in fact, can cover medical gender “transitioning.”

Firstly, the organization will perform a poll:

This survey, which will be sent out to all undergraduates, will be essential to decide the next steps of the Women’s Cabinet health care initiative, which may include creating a repository of available resources or issuing recommendations to [Harvard University Health Services]…

The study will be aided by the Council’s chief of diversity, equity and inclusion.

For the big project, the Women’s Cabinet has formed committees including Mental Health; BGLTQ Healthcare; and Sexual, Reproductive, and Menstrual health.

As for the health of Harvard’s social consciousness, the patient is thriving.

Last October, the school offered a Shakespearean spectacular in the form of modern adaptation Macbeth in Stride. The American Repertory Theater invited everyone — except those who weren’t black.

From the flyer:

For our non-Black allies, we appreciate your support in making this a completely Black-identifying evening. We invite you to join us at another performance during the run.

And in December, the college concluded its year-long review of campus decor by determining there were too many portraits of white men.

Anyone traumatized by that fact could seek counsel from Harvard’s head chaplain — who’s an atheist.

And if that endeavor left them pent-up, November saw the school’s Sex Week.

Included activities:

  • Let’s Talk About Porn, Baby: A Conversation w/Dr. Nancy Bauer
  • Won’t Stop Nothing But a Sentence; Period Talk w/Flex
  • My-dentity: BGLTQ Intimacy
  • Orgies 101

Apropos of campus carnality, Harvard’s Health Services sells Plan B for $15.

And soon, more students than ever will know America’s Ivy League leader will fund their “transgender conversion therapy.”

Also bankrolled: hormone injections to cross over from lady to gentleman and/or the other direction.

And amid the switch or on either side of it — whether straight or gay — there’s no reason patients’ prospective Orgies 101-ish partners need be man, woman, nonbinary or bunself: Beyond bolstering a non-cisgender revolution, the nation’s most prestigious educational institution is promoting a pairing of everyone dangling everything, all at once:

Back to The Women’s Cabinet helping students receive scientific solutions to issues of identity, the Harvard University Student Health Program Handbook lists its transgender offerings thusly.

This health plan covers medically necessary gender-affirming services for transgender and gender-diverse members when gender identity differs from assigned sex at birth. These covered services include (but are not limited to):

  • Certain Infertility Services (see “Infertility Services”)
  • Medical Care Services (see “Medical Care Outpatient Visits”)
  • Behavioral Health Services (see “Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment”)
  • Surgical Services (see “Admissions for Inpatient Medical and Surgical Care” and “Surgery as an Outpatient”)

And America’s academic evolution continues.


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