Highest Recorded Percentage Say Their Financial Situation Is Worsening Under Biden
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Most voters say their financial situation is worsening under President Joe Biden, Harvard-Harris’s May survey found.

The vast majority, 63 percent, believe the country is on the wrong track. One year ago, in June 2021, 53 percent said the country was on the right track, reflecting deteriorating positivity over the course of Biden’s presidency.

Similarly, 68 percent say the economy, specifically, is on the “wrong track.” Just 17 percent of independents, 10 percent of Republicans, and 47 percent of Democrats say otherwise. 

What is more, Americans indicate that the dire state of affairs is affecting them directly. More than half say their financial situation is getting worse — 56 percent. That is the highest recorded percentage in the Harvard-Harris poll and reflects a 23 percent jump from the 23 percent who said the same one year ago. 

The brutal reality comes as Americans continue to deal with rampant inflation in Biden’s America, as the cost of goods continues to skyrocket and parents of young children attempt to find workarounds to the nation’s baby formula shortage. All the while, gas prices continue to hit record highs day by day, with the national average hitting a new record high of $4.60 on Thursday. 

A  Quinnipiac University  survey released at the end of March, when the gas price average stood around $4.225, found that over one-third of Americans were cutting back on groceries in order to afford gas:

While Biden has deflected, continuing to blame Russia for rising prices and inflation rather than his own bad economic policies and determination to quash American energy independence, not all Americans are buying it. A plurality, 41 percent, directly blame high gas prices on Biden’s economic policies, per the survey. 

It also asked respondents, “As a result of the rise in gas prices, have you cut back your spending on groceries so that you can pay for gas, or not?

Over one-third of Americans, 35 percent, said “yes,” they have had to cut back on groceries. Party by party, 46 percent of Republicans said they have had to cut back on groceries, and 22 percent of Democrats and 36 percent of independent voters say the same.

The survey was taken May 18-19, 2022, among 1,963 registered voters. 

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