Howard Stern had lovely things to say about Bob Saget after his death. “I liked Bob — very nice guy,” Stern said on his show. “The few times I was able to hang out with him… just lovely.”

Stern also remembered an earlier time when Saget appeared on Stern’s show and participated in an ongoing segment of his called “Win Fred’s Money.” In “Win Fred’s Money,” a quiz show segment, guests answer a series of seven trivia questions in 60 seconds or less, and then Stern’s longtime staff member Fred Norris, who cannot hear the responses of the challenger, answers the same questions. Whoever gets the most questions correct in the quickest time wins, and if the guest beats Norris, they win a cash prize. Norris was so good at the game that he rarely lost, except once in 2012 when he went up against multi-time “Jeopardy” champion Ken Jenning.

Saget played the game during his stint on “The Howard Stern Show” back in 2001, on the 26th episode of Season 7. Saget entered, telling Stern and listeners that he never agreed to the game, because he knew he would lose, according to a recap on MarksFriggin. As a result, Saget gave fake, joke answers to all the very difficult questions. Stern mentioned Monday with a laugh, “Bob had the unique distinction of not getting one question right.” Funny, and yet it’s bound to happen if you don’t even play the game.

Source: Nicki Swift

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