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The things Glenn has warned about are coming true. Elites at the “World Government Summit” asked if we were ready for a “new world order,” and Biden recently told CEOs, “There’s going to be a new world order… and we’ve got to lead it.”

Fact-checkers seized on the story to make sure we all understood the president was just describing “international changes from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, not confirming a world domination conspiracy theory.” But Glenn Beck argues it can be both.

We need to know what to look for as things begin to spiral out of control AND how to prepare. Inflation continues to spike at record numbers, not only here at home, but in other economic powers like Germany. A recession is all but guaranteed to happen, and we’ve always found a way through it. But we’ve never been faced with what we’re now seeing. The labor market and supply chain are still rocked by the pandemic, while war rages in an area that supplies a vast amount of fossil fuels, precious metals, and food.

A recession can easily become a DEPRESSION. But the Biden administration is trying to propagandize us into accepting lower living standards. Officials want us to rely on them rather than on ourselves, but self-sufficiency is the way out of this. Our grandparents dealt with this during the Great Depression, and we must now learn from their example. Glenn shows Americans what every household must do before it is too late. Nobody will be laughing at preppers any more.

Watch the full episode of “Glenn TV” below:

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