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We’ve all seen pictures of people’s badly swollen lips after having lip filler done, right?!

But one woman, Morgan Proudlock, has revealed what happened to her lips after she drank alcohol shortly after having them filled.

After getting straight on the booze after the procedure, Morgan was shocked to see that her lips had trebled in size.

And not only that, Morgan revealed that the pain was horrendous.

Morgan took to TikTok and explained: “When I drank alcohol straight after having lip fillers and woke up looking like this.

“The worst thing I have ever done, pain was ridiculous.”

In the video Morgan shows off her swollen lips after her night of booze and it’s safe to say they are pretty large…

Morgan’s video has quickly racked up a whopping 59.5k views.

It has 3,137 likes, 229 comments and 110 shares.

Many TikTok users were horrified at Morgan’s lips and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “Omg no way.”

Another added: “I’m scared now.”

A third commented: “I did this ouch.”

It’s no surprise that Morgan’s lips were badly swollen after a night of booze, as alcohol can act as a blood thinner.

Alcohol can increase the likelihood of swelling, inflammation, and bruising, which explains why Morgan’s lips trebled in size.

After having lip injections, it’s a good idea to wait around 24 hours before drinking any alcohol to avoid your lips swelling.

Many TikTok users admitted to being put off of getting filler done after seeing Morgan’s lips.

But she reassured them: “It’s because I drank and you’re not meant to straight after so I’d advise you to avoid alcohol for a few days.”

One person asked: “How much did you drink?” to which Morgan confirmed “Not that much”.

Therefore if you are thinking about getting your lips filled, it’s a good idea to stay off the drink for 24 hours, unless you want to frighten your friends and be left in agonizing pain.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and has been reproduced here with permission.

Source: NYPOST

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