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President Joe Biden gave a ‘no comment’ when peppered with questions about former President Donald Trump‘s federal indictment during a community college tour in North Carolina Friday.

Biden was getting a tour of the robotics lab at Nash Community College when he made his first remark on the history-making indictment that Trump himself revealed Thursday night. 

‘I have no comment at all,’ Biden said, as reporters were being rushed out of the room. He had ignored several shouted questions earlier in the day. 

Earlier, his deputy press secretary Olivia Dalton also gave an assortment of no comments on board Air Force One en route to his two North Carolina stops. 

She also revealed that Biden learned about the Trump news just like every other Americans – by watching the news. 

President Joe Biden gave a 'no comment' when peppered with questions about former President Donald Trump's federal indictment during a community college tour in North Carolina Friday

President Joe Biden gave a ‘no comment’ when peppered with questions about former President Donald Trump’s federal indictment during a community college tour in North Carolina Friday had asked her if she could comment on Republican concerns about the Trump indictment coming out the same day House Republicans were given access to an FBI document in which a source alleged a Burisma executive said Biden and his son Hunter were paid $5 million each to get an investigation dropped. 

‘Again, we’re not going to comment on this,’ she said. ‘I will tell you, though, that – and confirm, as we’ve said overnight, that the president, senior staff found out just like everybody else last night.’ 

‘No advance knowledge that this was coming. Found out from news reports, just like everybody else across America,’ she added. 

As soon as Dalton appeared on the plane to gaggle with reporters she was asked about the indictment news. 

‘We are just not going to comment on this case and would refer you to the DOJ, which runs its criminal investigations independently,’ she said. 

She also wouldn’t comment on GOP concerns that the Department of Justice has become politicized under Biden. 

‘Look, this is a president who respects the rule of law and has said that since day one,’ she noted. ‘That’s precisely why we’re not commenting here. He believes in respecting the independence of the DOJ and protecting the integrity of their processes. And that’s, again, why we’ll leave it there.’ 

Dalton also wouldn’t comment on whether the president was comfortable with Democrats fundraising off the Trump news. 

‘I’m simply not going to commet on this,’ she said, with referencing a tweet from Hillary Clinton sent out earlier today. 

The former Democratic nominee was raising money by selling hats that said ‘But Her Emails,’ a reference to her own scandal involving classified documents, in which the FBI left her uncharged. 

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