Immigration Judges Union Criticizes Biden Firing Trump Appointees
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The union representing immigration judges working for the federal government is speaking out against the firing of at least five judges who were appointed by former President Donald Trump.

As Breitbart News reported, some of those dismissed judges have said they believe the firings are political and that the Biden administration wants sitting judges who are pro-amnesty.

The union wrote a letter to the Biden administration and said it is concerned about transparency and about what judges were told about why they were terminated. Most of the judges were let go at the end of a two-year probation period when they are typically moved to permanent status.

”The agency’s refusal to provide any meaningful feedback and explanations as to why the judges were not retained contradicts the administration’s position on labor and the value of good employer-employee relations,” the letter said. ”In addition, the manner in which these judges were treated after being informed of their removals was also unprofessional and unbefitting their office.”

“They deserved better,” the letter said.

The letter also said the firings are having a ripple effect on judge morale.

Fox News reported on the development:

There are 590 sitting immigration judges, and the DOJ says decisions related to career civil service employees, who include immigration judges, are based solely on performance, and the administration they were hired by plays no role in decision-making.

But now, the National Association of Immigration Review, in a letter to the EOIR obtained by Fox, is requesting reviews of the actions related to three judges who were recently let go “to ensure that they were taken in full compliance with the law and that the probationary evaluation processes comports with fundamental fairness and sound labor relations.”

Fox News spoke to an unnamed judge who was let go during a conference call that lasted “mere seconds.”

”It’s demoralizing. It’s traumatizing. It’s hard to sometimes put one foot in front of the other since my abysmal dismissal,” the judge said, adding that the system is “more than dysfunctional, it’s corrupt.”

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