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CASSIE Carli’s last moments before vanishing after she went to pick up her daughter from her ex have been revealed.

Cassie, 37, was last seen in the parking lot in Navarre, Florida, where she was supposed to pick up her daughter, Saylor, from her ex-boyfriend, Marcus Spanevelo, during a custody exchange.

Cassie's body was found in Alabama


Cassie’s body was found in Alabama
Cassie Carli was reported missing on March 28


Cassie Carli was reported missing on March 28Credit: Facebook/@cassie.c.carli
Spanevelo was arrested in connection with Cassie's disappearance


Spanevelo was arrested in connection with Cassie’s disappearanceCredit: Santa Rosa County Sheriff

Sunday, March 27

Cassie was scheduled for a custody exchange of 4-year-old Saylor with Spanevelo, around 7 p.m. in the parking lot of Juana’s Pagodas restaurant at Navarre Beach.

Deputies later say this is the last time she was seen, according to WFLA.

At around 9:40 that night, Cassie’s father texted her asking where he was and he received a response from her number saying she had car trouble, her phone was acting up, and she was spending the night at Spanevelo’s home.

Monday, March 28

Text messages from around 5:40pm show Spanevelo telling Cassie’s father she asked him to drop her off “in the middle of nowhere in Destin,” so she could stay with a friend named Stacey.

Cassie’s father replied, “Stacey moved to Alabama a while ago. Cassie would never have you drop her off anywhere. Is her car at your house?”

Spanevelo said her car was still in Navarre and he had left with Saylor.

Cassie was officially reported as a missing person and friends and family began their own search. Social media posts about her disappearance began to circulate quickly online.

Tuesday, March 29

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office officially announce Cassie as a missing person.

Her car was found by deputies in the Juana’s Pagodas’ parking lot. Her purse was left in the car, alarming investigators.

Cassie’s friend conducted an organized search of the area.

Her sister, Raeann, messaged Spanevelo asking if he had Saylor. She also asked him to cooperate with the police during the investigation, letting him know Cassie was now a missing person.

Spanevelo said he had Saylor and the police had already called him, then forwarded Raeann screenshots of the explanation he gave her father.

Wednesday, March 30

Police located Spanevelo and Saylor in Birmingham, Alabama. Officials confirmed the child was safe and turned her over to Alabama Child Services.

Spanevelo was interviewed by Santa Rosa County before returning to Northwest Florida.

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Thursday, March 31

Sheriff Bob Johnson of Santa Rosa County expressed concern about some findings of the investigation during a press conference. Mainly that Cassie had had no credit card or phone activity since Sunday.

At this point, the FBI and FDLE had joined the investigation.

Sheriff Johnson said they were intent on speaking to Spanevelo again since he was the last person who saw Cassie.

Friday, April 1

Santa Rosa County Crime Stoppers announced a $3,000 reward for information to help solve the case as volunteer search efforts continue to grow at Navarre Beach. 

Search and rescue crews began to search the Santa Rosa Sound.

Cassie’s sister Raeann arrives in town to help with the search efforts.

Saturday, April 2

Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office announced Spanevelo was arrested in Lebanon, Tennessee, and charged with tampering with evidence.

He also faces charges of destruction of evidence and giving false information.

In a Facebook post from the Sheriff’s Office, cops noted that the arrest was “based on a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes warrant which was signed by a Judge.”

“We are cautious as to the information being released due to the sensitivity of this case. Search efforts for Cassi Carli remain underway,” the post continues.

The case remained active as Cassie’s friends and family continued to search the area for her.

Sunday, April 3

Police announce the remains of Cassie were found Saturday night in a barn in St Clair County, Alabama, almost a week after she vanished.

It is unclear where exactly Carli’s body was discovered, but police said the property is linked to Spanevelo, who has been living and working in the Birmingham area in recent months.

It is currently believed that Spanevelo was working as a subcontractor with an audiovisual company in the Springville area.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff said the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Office and the Springville Police Department assisted in the search.

Police said at a press conference Sunday that Carli’s body was identified by a tattoo.

Source: thesun

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