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Deceased Capitol shooting suspect and black nationalist Noah Green said “the U.S. Government is the #1 enemy of Black people!” and claimed Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakhan saved him from “terrible afflictions I have suffered presumably by the CIA and FBI, government agencies of the United States of America” in posts made on Instagram shortly before Friday’s deadly car and knife attack.

Green described Farrakhan as “Jesus, the Messiah, the final divine reminder in our midst,” and added, “I consider him my spiritual father. Without his guidance, his word, and his teachings that I’ve picked up on along the way, I would’ve been unable to continue.”

As CNN reported Friday, Green’s Instagram story declared “The U.S. Government is the #1 enemy of Black people!” and referenced “terrible afflictions I have suffered presumably by the CIA and FBI, government agencies of the United States of America.”

Green went on to claim that he had “suffered multiple home break ins, food poisonings, assaults, unauthorized operations in the hospital, mind control.”

As National File reported Friday, Green made a sizable donation to the Nation of Islam in the weeks leading up to the Capitol attack:

Black nationalist Noah Green, the deceased suspect in Friday’s deadly attack on the Capitol, donated over $1,000 to the Nation of Islam shortly before carrying out his car-and-knife rampage and proudly displayed the certificate he received for his donation on Facebook.

“This award is given in recognition of your sacrifice in making your word bond and completing your 2021 Savior’s Day gift in the amount of $1,085.000. May Allah continue to bless you!” a description of the “Certificate Of Completion” Green received for his donation read.

Green posted the photo of his donation certificate to his Facebook page on March 17, roughly two weeks before he reportedly went on a deadly rampage with a vehicle and a bladed weapon that left Capitol Police officer William F. Evans dead, and another officer seriously injured.

Savior’s Day is often called “the crowning event of Black History Month,” and is dedicated to commemorating the birth of Nation of islam founder Elijah Muhammad.

Green’s praise of Farrakhan is not dissimilar from the approbation the Nation of Islam leader has received from multiple high-profile Democrat politicians.

Source: NationalFile

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